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The Special Ops of Technology and Think Tanks

Just as the US Military requires SO/LIC for the most challenging missions, Alvarism was founded to provide tip-of-the-spear technology and analysis services. 

Casual readers subscribe to gain deep knowledge that they will not obtain anywhere else.  Professional clients come to Alvarism for unique technology, executive management, and think-tank consultancy.​ 

Alvarism's cultural and economic domain knowledge combined with elite technology acumen delivers an infinitesimally rare and powerful capability.



Elite Technology, Analysis Services, & Publications

  • Research & Development

  • Speaking Engagements & Briefings

  • Publications

  • Technology Consultation

  • Executive Management Consultation

  • The Cultural Graph



Tenacious and unyielding fervor for knowledge

Scholarly analysis of:

  • Economics, especially: engineering economy & technology capitalization, political economy, personal finance, taxation, time-use analysis, applied economics

  • Cultural industries (civics & government, education, journalism, religion, arts & entertainment)

  • National security & intelligence

  • Domestic security & counterintelligence

  • Demography & immigration

  • STEM & Medical Industries

  • Public policy & history

  • Applied interpersonal & cognitive concepts: ethics, morals, personality, interpersonal psychology, fallacy, logic, propaganda, counterintelligence & IW/IO concepts

  • Business management methodology

Application of unique STEM KSAs to the research including SQL Server data design and programmability, artificial intelligence, statistics, operational methods, and engineering problem solving methodology


Transformative knowledge for your employees, activists, churches, and schools

Navigating post-graduate-level treatment of complex topics can be challenging on your lonesome. 

Alvarism offers:

  • Public speaking service

  • Formal briefings and crash courses

  • Debate

  • Panelists for public discussions (virtual or in person)

  • Expert testimony for corporate studies or court cases

The engagement is customized to your organization's needs. Clients can choose any of the topics mentioned in the Research & Development section.  For extensive needs across multiple topics, a multi-day retreat/conference is suggested.

The knowledge conveyed to your audience/employees is unlike anything you will find elsewhere.​

Judge with a Book


Scholarly posits that disrupt consensus

We selectively publish results of our R&D for the general public. 


  • Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society (Kindle, Paperback) - one of the most important textbooks on political economy ever written

  • Four more textbooks are under development

  • The Deactivist - an online journal, with deep analyses of issues.  The format is typically long-form think tank articles, similar to The Atlantic or Stanford's Hoover Institution.

  • Twitter Feed - Alvarism's Twitter feed has no opinion-making. It contains curated articles that are often overlooked by corporate news desks. The articles are tagged with keywords from Alvarism's syntopicon so that researchers can access the articles for productive purposes.

  • Media - Alvarism has acquired a full-fledged videography production capability and will be publishing videos to YouTube and this site in 2021


Elite engineering & software mastery for your business' challenges

We satisfy your technology department's needs for serious evaluation and/or training in:

  • Software Engineering Management

  • Software Design and Architecture

  • Post-Graduate Software Development Skills

  • Engineering Methodology

  • Systems & Technical Business Analysis

  • Software Estimation

  • Software Department Economic Analysis (time usage, P&L, cost structure, productivity)

We will customize a plan of attack that will dramatically improve your company's technology enterprise.

In Meeting


Corporate governance, productivity, market positioning, and optimization of labor and resources

Is your business struggling to maximize gains and minimize losses? Do you feel like your business can benefit from reorganization of labor or capital? Engineers educated in industrial-organizational design and engineering economy have solved some of the hardest management and financial challenges in the world. Many MBAs are entirely unfamiliar with this analytical approach from business-savvy engineers.

With over 15 years of experience in executive management (CEO, CIO), Mr. Kurek will bring this expertise to your organization, bolster your talented executives, and help you to take your business to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Boards of Directors and CEOs typically hire Mr. Kurek for this service.


Reverse Social Engineering

Only a command of the Alvarism domains could position an inventor to build a technology system for reverse social engineering.

Alvarism's pride is its proprietary array of software systems to make users resilient against social engineering, and to undo its impact upon their workplaces, communities, and families.

The first generation of social media technologists conceived of the "Social Graph."  Alvarism has destroyed their entire paradigm with its Cultural Graph.



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