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The most important book on political economy since Ludwig von Mises' scathing critique of socialism in his 1922 textbook, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis.


Poverty, depleted jobs, and the politicians who wreck our economy, cannot survive this book. Economic misconceptions are dispelled with hard evidence and unprecedented analysis. Desperate personal financial situations are given new hope through eternal principles.  This paramount book by Thomas E. Kurek is swelling with uncommon knowledge, for people who hunger for truth, prosperity, peace, and justice.

Audience: everyday citizens, voters, students, educators, historians, researchers, economists, political scientists, businesspersons

Reading Level: Grade 13; college-ready high school students and higher

Publication Date: May 30th, 2016

Availability: The kind of arduous research performed for Economic Sovereignty is normally held closely by global consultancies and sold to corporate clients in expensive reports. Not only is this information made available for pennies on the dollar, but it reads like an accessible story instead of a dry report or whitepaper. Mr. Kurek wants all citizens to have these insights – not just investors and politicians.

Babe Didrikson, 1950, Urging Their Putt


Some say economic sovereignty is the ability of a nation to choose its own economic activities without foreign coercion. That presumes governments are above people. Genuine economic sovereignty is the ability of every person to choose their own economic activities without usurpation by others – foreign or domestic, government or institution.

Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society is a book like no other. In slightly less than two-hundred pages of reading material, and over one-hundred pages of unprecedented charts, tables, citations, and supporting evidence, the complexity of politics, poverty, prosperity, jobs, and economics has never been more accessible to concerned citizens. Knowledge of higher math, economics, and political science is unnecessary to gain the enlightenment of this paramount research.

With great ease, the myth of severe income inequality and wealth disparity is fully debunked with the only justifiable method to date. The first-ever lifetime prosperity method helps us to understand our personal financial security – as it reveals how billions of people have been robbed of their self-determination by governments and their civilian lackeys. Ultimately, a terrifying process emerges that has destroyed nations for centuries – vorardennes. It will continue to throttle America until we restore economic sovereignty.

Everyone must own a copy of this book to reclaim liberty for themselves and their loved ones. Job seekers will understand the corruption of labor markets, and what to do about it. Indebted people will learn how to plan their own prosperity and make wise choices. Young students will choose better careers, while workers discover the true cost of taxes that are hidden from them.

With swindles from economic fallacies thriving, the reader is shown exactly how to distinguish rewarding work from dead-ends. Altruists will see how American economic history compares to the world’s. Economic Sovereignty paints the most accurate portrait of the American economy, political ideology, and jobs to date. As America flirts with the same mistakes made across the world, this knowledge is now critical.

The dirigiste nations of Greece, Venezuela, Portugal, Ireland, Argentina, and Spain recently sacrificed an entire generation to their parasitic systems of control. They promised equality and peace and instead delivered political upheaval, crime waves, blood in the streets, hunger, debt, and misery. How will America respond when our piper demands his pay?

Without Economic Sovereignty, our prospects are grim.

As Thomas Sowell noted in The Housing Boom and Bust, there was plenty of blame to go around for the last recession. Likewise, there is plenty of blame to go around for the coming economic disaster, and it starts with the mismanaged spending decisions of government, businesses, and households - and the general public's complicity and apathy to the economic truths in this book.  You can be one of the few leaders who saves their communities from the wolves, with the knowledge of Economic Sovereignty.

At large, the propaganda factory will place blame on Democrats or Republicans, but the political culprit of decline is a stealth system of beliefs that infiltrated the world centuries ago. They are beyond petty party lines. The institutionalists created this metropolitan robotic nurse with a grey, concrete, parasitic tongue. There is nothing more devoid of humanity than its system of control. It has deceived our most powerful leaders, breeding delusion within all who follow. We must defeat it to recover economic sovereignty for all citizens. Those who arm themselves with this knowledge will survive and thrive through economic crises.

The e-book version has color charts and photos, when viewed on color devices.

The paperback version has black and white charts digitally optimized for greyscale.

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