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Alvarism is a philosophy

An apprentice asked me once about cryptocurrency.  I pointed him to Sir Isaac Newton, in his capacity as Master of the Mint at the Bank of England.  "What could that have to do with crypto?" he asked. I replied, "If you don't know the history of monetary systems, how do you expect a technology to move a monetary system forward for the better and not the worse?"

Our approach to every topic - from inventions in STEM, executive management, organization design, or culture and economics, utilizes a unique approach.  We require that every concept we use is justified by empirical, rational, and perennial evaluation.  In other words, every topic needs hard evidence (empirical), logical validation (rational), and authoritative historical input (perennial). 

We do not place "progressive" standards over those three values.  Knowledge is not defined by cooperative opinion.  It is defined by justified true belief.  Millions can be wrong, and one man can be right.  Popularity does not make knowledge.  Neither peer opinions, nor consensus, nor personal experience are adequate substitutes for evidence, logic, and analytical history.

The specific topics that we investigate include civics and government, journalism, education, entertainment, religion, cognitive habits, interpersonal, psychological, and economic trends. If you are a student, professional, activist, or enthusiast in any of those areas, you will benefit from learning Alvarism. 

I started developing this philosophy in the 1990s; it has now culminated in dozens of articles, one textbook on political economy, five new manuscripts, the designs for corrective artificial intelligence systems, and an enormous archive of references, databases, and spreadsheets.  It is based upon the classical education model and Mortimer Adler's path as opposed to Maria Montessori and John Dewey's Constructivist path.  Alvarism's epistemology is superior for thought leaders, innovators, and those with sufficient intellect for the most ambitious endeavors in this life. 

The public school philosophy built upon Montessori and Dewey's misconceptions, leaving many Americans with rubber-stamped degrees, but without genuine education.  Alvarism seeks to open new possibilities for all readers who feel as though the knowledge they obtained from their academies was insufficient and partly fallacious.  If we can teach the nation the methods conveyed by my Gifted and Talented Program instructors, imagine how vibrant our businesses and homes could become - with knowledge, culture, and cognitive habits that befit a global superpower.

It is my sincere hope that each and every one of Alvarism's donors, clients, readers, viewers, subscribers, and investors finds their lives brighter, clearer, and confidently independent due to their experience with our company.

Cordially yours,

Thomas E. Kurek


We Will Invert the Current Global Cultural and Economic Order

  • Motto: “Hive-mind resigned”

  • Alvarism comes from the Latin word alvārium, which means “beehive.”  Social influence does not come from one direction, or one leader.  It surrounds the individual, like a hive surrounds a bee.

  • Alvarism's logo is the bird meropidae (bee-eater), with it's wings spread wide.  The meropidae is encircled by a simple brown ring, indicating eternal steadfastness.

  • Corrupt economic, cultural, and cognitive trends are currently the global norm

  • Due to the corrupting factors, true sovereignty, continuity, and liberty are impossible. Mass illusions give the false impression of these ideals.

  • Alvarism's goal will be achieved when mainstream human thinking, behavior, and organization resembles free people, exercising liberty with moral standards, informed consent, and accurate perception of culture, government, security, economics, and history.

Bees at Work


True Prosperity Requires Freedom

  • Without economic liberty for every individual within a nation, the people are not sovereign over their own lives. The nation's sovereignty is then a lie, beholden to oligarchs of powerful institutions - be they corporate, nonprofit, or government-owned.

  • Economic crises emerge from perversion of valuation, and pernicious information asymmetry.  For instance, a business retaining its trade secrets is good info asymmetry.  A bad asymmetry is when a business or government influences consumer or civic behavior with ulterior motives and communications that don't express the truth of the organization's products, services, and actions.

  • Economic Sovereignty requires that a majority of Americans:

    • Know the accurate portrayal of the American economy

    • Understand the warring ideological forces that rip the economy apart in the halls of institutions

    • Learn the concepts and limitations of prosperity analysis – for personal financial and career planning, voting, consumer choices, and civic engagement

    • Understand the history of societies where Economic Sovereignty was lost

  • Ultimately, all violations of Economic Sovereignty lead to the usurpation of property and labor.  Ubiquitous redistribution and overt oppression then emerge.

  • Genuine prosperity requires basic truths about economics to be prevalent in society. It is critical for citizens to spread Economic Sovereignty to prevent leaders and institutions from manipulating their jobs, markets, prosperity, and lives.

  • The course material for Economic Sovereignty is found in the book of the same name.

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The Future of Alvarism

Although the manuscripts for the next three definitive Alvarism books are not yet published, Alvarism will provide briefings for those who want insights in advance.  They include:

  • The cultural industries: religion, civics and government, journalism & information propagation (eg social media), education & training, the arts, aesthetics, and entertainment

  • The economic support industries: criminal justice & vice interdiction, national security & intelligence, healthcare, immigration & demography, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

  • Interpersonal culture: ethics, morality, social trends, interpersonal psychology, cognitive integrity (logic, fallacy, propaganda, memory, etc.)

All of the Alvarian domains are integrated into the Cultural Graph - our complete evolution of social media technology.

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