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Abortion: Planned Parenthood Forfeits Federal Tax Redistribution

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

For those of us with attention spans longer than the path of an infant’s erratically bobbing head, we recall years of wicked lies about US abortions sustained by mainstream journalists, “fact check” websites, and pro-choice activists. If you understand their historical deceptions, you’ll understand why they are now pulling out of Title X. Their recent deceptions:

  1. LIE: Only 3% of services by Planned Parenthood are abortions. This is an irrelevant misdirection. They consider the act of handing out a tax-redistributed condom as a “service.” The truth is that Planned Parenthood performed an entire 33% of all abortions in the USA, for 12% of their patients. Abortion is their main gig by the dollars. Estimates range from $96M to $300M per year.

  2. LIE: They never spent tax dollars on abortions. Revenues in a business are not like some magically separable spiritual energy. Non-operational revenues feed business – such as donations, investments, or coerced tax redistribution from the government. If a non-operational revenue pays for our overhead and loss-leaders (the services and goods that get people in the door, but are a financial loss), then we can spend the rest of our money on the goods and services we could not otherwise offer. Whether Title X dollars are deferring the costs of facilities, PR, administration, equipment, and loss leaders for Planned Parenthood, or they’re putting the money into an account that finances abortion directly – so long as Planned Parenthood is providing and referring abortions, the tax dollars are used for the business of abortion. In short, if the Title X tax dollar paid for the lease, waiting room, heating bill, cleaning bills, and chairs of the facility that patients use to get abortions, who cares if the dollar was not spent to pay doctor's fee for the abortion?

  3. LIE: Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, so it’s evil to consign poor women to cancer by defunding them. As the previously linked article demonstrates – Planned Parenthood was never authorized to perform mammograms. This was a pure deception by democrat politicians and activists.

Their lies sought to coverup the fact that they are indeed a major provider of abortions, and that it is in fact their main business. Abortions are to Planned Parenthood as expensive electronics are to Best Buy. Family planning and OB-GYN services are to Planned Parenthood as DVD sales are to Best Buy.

Thanks to Title X defunding by President Donald Trump and Republican interest groups, Planned Parenthood finally has to tacitly admit these truths. They are now pulling out of Title X because if they stay in it, they have to desist from referring and providing abortions.

It is a tacit admission that abortion is the primary business. The non-operational revenues of Title X tax redistribution is less significant to them, than their business of abortion provisioning, at $96M – $300M per year. They can forgo the Title X federal tax dollars, and count on state Medicaid tax dollars, leftwing donors, and charging their patients the $300 – $900 for the abortion. They will do those things so long as the new policy remains in place.

In short, we will forever loathe them for their duplicitous characterization of their business as a “family planning” and “women’s healthcare” operation. They are in the business of abortion, population controls, and social insurance budget mitigation. If abortion was such an insignificant, 3% side-note in their services, then Trump’s policy would mean very little to them, and they would simply accept it, while continuing business as usual.

All Americans who value government transparency and repudiation of propaganda should rejoice that Trump and Republicans were finally able to call Planned Parenthood’s bluff.

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