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Alvarism Microbusiness Phase Prospectus Available

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Although the full prospectus is only available to serious partners and investors, a partial prospectus is now published here. It’s Lexington and Concord for Big Tech! Should we be surprised at the blunders of Big Tech?

We’re still stunned by the congressional hearings, witnessing the tech “masters of the universe” trying to get their heads out of their fantasy of binary and into the real-world impacts of it.

Perhaps because Facebook “creator” Mark Zuckerberg may not have received enough attention from ladies in high school, he developed one of the creepiest bits of software ever published by brilliant Ivy League gentry: an app that allows students to rate the attractiveness of their fellow classmates. Talk about stereotypical: a nerd sitting creepily on the sidelines, obsessed with the “cool” chicks.

His software affected immature cliques and permanently enshrined every impulsively moronic opinion about the sexual attractiveness of strangers! Classical aesthetics, and even common sense mantras like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can’t stop a neurotic, humanities-deficient STEM guy from expressing his failure to understand humanity in wickedly ignorant technology designs.

And so Facebook’s overvaluation of populism was born, in creepy inadequacy.

I guess since my parents and the Catholic Church taught me to respect women and pursue them as if they would be the mother of my future children, and I usually had access to women who wanted to date me. I didn’t suffer from Mark Zuckerberg’s pervy creepiness in his motivations to build social dysfunction software.

A wise businessman would have looked at Zuckerberg’s culture and psychology and never financed the monstrosity that Facebook has become. I’m pointing at you, In-Q-Tel. You really dropped the ball on Zuckerberg. Want to debate that point with me? Bring it on.

By contrast, when I was in college I programmed software that was a precursor to Blackboard (educational data and coursework management software) for the Materials Engineering Department of Virginia Tech. I also programmed a character management system for one of the most complex tabletop role playing games called Rifts. That kind of code is now used in the engines of massive games like Dota 2.

That software development was a side-job and hobby for me, respectively. The few of us who could understand Engineering Physics (25 out of 30,000 students), were doing much more challenging and important things than Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard - smart cars, green energy, the artificial heart, and numerous other medical devices.

Our time devotion is the lifeblood of Facebook. Remind me again, why we willingly donate our time to such a monstrosity and the unjustified people who designed and built it?

Which of the glorious Big Tech achievements should we thank them for?

  1. Mindless distractions from the people and business that actually matter in real life

  2. Training people for impulsivity and attention-deficit-disorder, so that people can’t achieve great things (all of which require supreme focus, patience, and attention)

  3. Information overload and the increasing prevalence of disinformation

  4. Voyeurism

  5. Turning the man-on-the-street into an unwitting advertising & PR parrot (commercially weaponizing word-of-mouth marketing, PR, and advertisement)

  6. Spreading depression, anxiety, and mental disorders

  7. Enabling cyber-bullying

  8. Enabling identity theft

  9. An endless stream of phony accounts and scams

  10. Promotion of scam businesses, "reality TV" pretenders, and wretched “celebrities” who can buy audiences

  11. Inculcation of ochlocracy and mob-minded social standards in millennials

  12. Fake dating (catfishes) detracting from real connection

  13. Emotional infidelity and “grass-is-greener” relationship delusions

  14. Exploiting pay-for-play influence

  15. Rewarding sensational instigators while throwing virtuous and exceptional people into digital silos

  16. Arbitrarily banning, censoring, and deplatforming people in communist-like hypocrisy

  17. Deranged and arbitrary claims of “hate speech,” while they promote leftwing anger with a smile (Bill Maher can depict theists as dehumanized dumb apes, but don’t you dare dehumanize anyone based on race or sexual preference in even an accidental way)

We’ve got our work cut out for us to fix the problems of this modern social media monstrosity.

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