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American vs. Russian Electoral Subversion – USA Wins

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

With the raging circus of supposed Russian electoral subversion, how many stopped to consider the nine major methods used by Americans to steal elections from domestic opponents? Is it less egregious for a group of US citizens to steal an election than foreign influence operators?

As this article will show, Russians cannot hold a candle to the success that Americans have at stealing elections from each other. The oath of allegiance requires us to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Russian electoral subversion witch hunters seem to have forgotten about that last part, or else they’re not wise enough to comprehend the enormity of the nine methods of domestic electoral subversion.

Recognizing the ground truth of the anemic Russian influence operation, and also the much greater issue of domestic electoral subversion, Alvarism ignored the Mueller investigation, fanned by Trump’s enemies. Trolls benefit from all participation – whether we validate or repudiate them. It’s best to just starve them. Now that the investigation has failed to prove Trump guilty, the demagogues have shown themselves to be the true enemies of democracy:

  1. “We Are Not Investigators”: CNN’s Jeff Zucker Unapologetic For Perpetual Russia-Hoax Coverage

  2. Tech companies and institutions destroy truth by dictating what is “fake news”

  3. Partisan journalists, activist comedians, and professors became the useful idiots for US civic chaos

May I remind the demagogues that democracy does not begin and end with the voting process? There’s this thing that comes afterwards called governance. Accurate and relevant information shared between citizens is crucial for civilized democracy, no matter who wins at the polls.

For those who asked in private, we explained: yes Russia continuously interferes with US civics. Look up aktivniyye meropriyatiya. But US civics does not begin and end with elected officials. Education, entertainment, journalism, religion, nonprofits, and corporate organizational power impact public opinion and civic action far more than elected officials. Those podium puppets simply ride the wave of culture into office.

Corporate executives, public school teachers, professors, musicians, Hollywood actors and studios, and nonprofits have been the most subversive willing accomplices, far beyond politicians. Using US environmentalists to get America out of the way of Gazprom is just one of dozens of influence ops. Russian reflexive control does not work like an Inspector Gadget plot. A real Russian plot would go something like this:

  1. Select the foreign candidate they believe will:

  2. Create the most chaos domestically in the US

  3. Be the least effective at enticing Russia’s allies

  4. Give Russia’s competitors the weakest support (in conjunction with Russia’s Eurasianist designs on the EU)

  5. Conduct influence operations to assist their favored candidate

  6. Bolster a third-party candidate like Jill Stein to siphon enough democratic votes in key precincts to bend the electoral college towards their favored candidate

  7. Once their favored candidate wins, spread disinformation to create a gigantic distraction and demoralize the US voter (Mueller probe). Reflexive control indicates that the sore losers will take every ounce of bait, and run with it.

Notice in this trajectory, no “collusion” between Trump and Russia is necessary. Unfortunately for Russia, their buffoons did not even select the candidate most beneficial to their interests. They neglected Trump and Pence’s aggressive security entourage, the business savvy of their associates, the patriotism of their associates, and Trump’s negotiating skill in an era of hostile global trade. Clinton’s proposals would have:

  1. Accelerated the debt to a greater degree

  2. Weakened military deterrence by supplanting conventional military action with clandestine action. She already did that with Benghazi and Syria, to placate her pacifist voters.

  3. Kowtowed to foreign interests that weaken the US position in the name of “cooperation”

  4. Increased regulatory burdens

  5. Diverted funds to inefficient programs

This must be a heinous revelation to Mother Russia. Their ethnocentric presumptions are hierarchical and aristocratic. That bias fooled them into thinking that Hillary Clinton was the greater threat because of her membership in the US sociopolitical aristocracy.

In the Russian mind, self-educated men like Abraham Lincoln, and real estate entertainment moguls like Trump don’t fit the model of civic greatness like those who spent their lives licking the boots of institutional power. How many Russian Abraham Lincolns have they buried in the grave as they empowered ice-blooded kleptocrats like Putin? I’d estimate at least a few thousand in holodomor alone.

On the other hand, the Russian 2016 influence op was not a total loss for Kremlin miscreants. With the Trump collusion fiction, Russian reflexive control induced Democrats and “NeverTrumper” Republicans to dominate American civics with waste and distraction – a major goal of disinformation. While the sorest losers in US electoral history (excluding the confederates) indulged in their anxious fantasy of Trump-Russian collusion:

  1. Russia deployed troops and missiles to Venezuela, socialism’s latest horror show

  2. Russia bolstered and entrenched Syrian, Iranian, and Turkish power in opposition to the USA

  3. China deployed more weapons to their artificial island FOBs aimed at US allies and oil

  4. China continued to make their civilization incompatible with ours by censoring and punishing authentic Judeo-Christian culture

  5. India and Pakistan nearly averted a war

We could generate a list of serious events ten times as long, obscured by the firehose blast of “Russian collusion” every time we turned on the news.

Unsurprisingly, our news agencies and elected officials make poor intelligence agents. If they had knowledge of influence ops, they would have been investigating their neighbors instead of alcoholics in ushanka hats, halfway across the globe. There are unabated existential threats to American electoral integrity:

  1. Voter fraud

  2. Gerrymandering

  3. Subverting the electoral college – many states are seeking to eliminate democratic republic representation via interstate compact, and states have eroded representation for citizens by counting non-citizens

  4. Attempts to flood the polls with aliens

  5. Mindless “get out the vote” campaigns that treat voting as a virtue instead of a responsibility

  6. Dark money allowing foreign and anonymous donors to buy elections

  7. Micro-donations scamming

  8. Foreign financing of US candidates via internet solicitation and banking loopholes (CVV)

  9. Domestic tech disparity

The last three require special attention. Imagine for a moment that Trump had secured the top technologists from Apple, Google, Facebook, and DreamWorks, who leveraged their transnational corporate influence and power to build Trump campaigning tools that dwarfed Hillary Clinton’s tools. Would that tech disparity lead to an unfair election and conflicts of interest between the tech sector and executive branch of the US government for years to come? While Trump enjoyed no such tech-sector sycophancy, that is precisely what Obama did.

Obama also refused to voluntarily report his micro-donations (under $200), which comprised between 33-50% of his financing, depending upon the FEC report cited. In a farce, the DNC claimed that they had “three-million grassroots” donors. By grassroots, they must mean utilizing invasive technology concocted by the global leaders of software, in an international campaign that solicited foreign donors indiscriminately? How many of those three-million micro-donors were flesh-and-blood American citizens? How many were foreigners? How many were robots using foreign, NGO, hedge fund, and corporate dollars channeled through the CVV loophole?

The CVV is the three digit verification code on the back of a credit card. When questioned as to why the Obama campaign would choose to pay banks an additional $7.5M to dispose of CVV credit card requirements for donations, and reject geolocation verification, the response was, “we have internal checks to ensure the donations are legal.”

See how long your CEO keeps his job when he says, “we’ll pay our vendor $7.5M more than we need to, and we’ll add to that unnecessary cost, our own expensive project to replicate what the banks already do better than us.” In other words, they’re liars who knew they were raking in millions of illicit dollars through internet donations, and the $7.5M price tag to hide their fraud was worth the cost.

Lastly, why was Robert Roche, Obama’s China-business bundler never investigated? Were the conflicts of interest between Roche, China, and Obama overshadowed by green energy sector manufacturing plans? Robert Roche was as suspicious in the Obama campaign as any of the players in the Trump-Russia collusion fiction.

The details of tech disparity, CVV scams, micro-donations, and Robert Roche are available in this report by the Government Accountability Institute.

Russia, like the United States, attempts to influence foreign political leadership. Unfortunately for Trump’s enemies, they have confused James Bond movies with real espionage. Alongside their delusional witch hunt, they have perpetrated their own domestic scams by which they reduce electoral integrity to steal elections. Abigail Williams would be proud of how they accuse others of the things of which they themselves are the most guilty.

We can continue to live in The Crucible of polarization, disinformation, and witch hunts, or we can adopt the electoral reforms proposed in chapter 4.2 of Economic Sovereignty. Plato warned his people of tyrannical democracy (ochlocracy) thousands of years ago. The US constitution erected checks and balances between judicial, executive, and legislative tyranny. It did not conceive of a future where ochlocracy would be possible, due to property-ownership and literacy acting often as voter qualification. While those qualifiers would lead to improper disenfranchisement, they deterred idiocracy, and there are even wiser methods in the modern day.

In the book Economic Sovereignty, Alvarism proposed a simple reform that would finally curb ochlocracy, which is The Crucible of corruption that democracies across the globe face in the modern day. With that one reform, all of these nine methods of electoral subversion would be eliminated. Elegant solutions to complex problems are simple. We require Alvarism’s reform to bring this entire system of manipulation and fraud to its knees.

Of course we can continue to fantasize about drunkards in ushanka hats, halfway across the globe. It would be the favored activity in a United States of Entertainment. A proud United States of America has nobler plans for its future.

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