Censored: Islamist Assault in Peaceful UK Neighborhood

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Add the BBC, Independent, Guardian, and CNN to your list of questionable news sources, if you didn’t already approach those sites with skepticism.

Here’s a very basic lesson for the influential journalists working for NewsGuard “trusted” publishers:

The guys who cover their faces in mob action are the violent criminals.

They usually are seen attacking people whose faces are not covered – people who have no reason to hide their faces. These failed journalists could have learned this lesson while they were watching cartoons as children.

They reviewed the video evidence, yet reported wild lies aimed at deterring votes for Tommy Robinson. They insinuated that the violence was equally instigated by “far-right” Tommy Robinson. They accused Tommy Robinson of instigating division and conflict. I’m sure Robinson’s supporters believe they are responding to the chaos that Islamist groups instigate. The failed journalists say the police quickly defused the conflict.

On the contrary, the video shows officers doing very little, and arresting nobody, as violent masked Muslims hurl bottles, rocks, and bricks at people right in front of the officers.

The video shows this violent mob of 200 to 300 masked Muslims marching for miles, escorted by police, to a Tommy Robinson political campaign speech. To be fair to the police, such escorts are potentially infiltration to guide the mob towards barricades, and also listen for violent intentions.

The video shows the Muslim mob chanting the refrain “Allahu akbar,” “racist scum,” “Nazi scum,” “You’re old men [police], we laugh at you,” and “no one disses our religion.”

No Quarter for Weak Victim-Speak

The Muslim Defense League organized the mob. Their hatred and violence is not censored by Facebook and the other Democrat-biased technocrats. As for the slogans of this mob – rational citizens give no quarter to their weak victim-speak.

First of all, nobody can be racist against Muslims. Islam is not a race, it is a religion. There are black, brown, and white Muslims. The US government considers Arabs (mostly Muslim) to be white, in their statistical demography. So when an Arab Muslim stabs his sister in an honor killing for dating the guy she likes, the US government logs a white guy as a murderer in their statistics. There is no option for “Muslim” race.

A person can be critical of Islam. They can be disgusted by trends and norms in Islamic communities. They cannot be racist against Muslims any more than they can be racist against Christians. The Islamist demagogues should invest in dictionaries.

Secondly, if Allah was so great, why would his devotees cover their faces like cowards while they inflict potentially lethal injuries upon children? The video made it clear that the mob was intent on disruption and violence. It showed who was throwing the rocks, bricks, and bottles – not surprisingly, the Muslims who covered their faces in cowardice.

The MDL should ask their inadequate and dishonorable devotees to unmask themselves and take responsibility for their actions to show that “Allah is great” if they have nothing to fear. Hiding behind masks gives the message that Allah is weak and pathetic – a god with followers who will not even take responsibility for the actions they choose.

Calling Robinson’s group “Nazi scum” was particularly amusing, considering that the ethno-nationalist pan-Arab movements that created the nations of origin for these Muslims, were the ones who actually collaborated with Hitler during WW2. Insulting elderly police officers who are brave enough to confront violent mobs is also a bit amusing. These masked Islamist cowards will not have a fraction of that bravery ever in their lives, let alone in their twilight years.

Lastly, everyone can disrespect Islam, and they should if they feel compelled. Welcome to liberty, Muslims! People of all faiths have their beliefs challenged by every manner of insult and critique – Christians and atheists included. You don't get a special privilege because you are a Muslim. If you're so faithful and Allah is so great, then try justifying your religion in response to criticism, with your brain, rather than your fists. That's what Christians have been doing in secular society for generations.

For those Muslims who despise their own radicals, they accept the criticism, respond to it with facts and logic, and denounce those who misrepresent their faith and culture, while making themselves living examples to the contrary. Every time Muslims respond to perceived insults with violence and destruction, they prove their critics right.

Journalism or Propaganda?

After reviewing the video footage, the lies of “trusted” news media are as apparent as they are sickening. InfoWars, the censored network, at least provided the raw footage of the event, uncensored. If you can entertain some prophetic hyperbole, it was the most comprehensive report on the event.

The Independent has since updated its article to remove the biased satire captured in the InfoWars video. It still leaves an ambiguous description, which makes Tommy Robinson’s supporters seem as culpable as the masked mob of Islamic instigators. Like the other deceptive reports, it quotes politicians who pander to Islamist violence, while not quoting anything positive from Robinson himself.

I would not be surprised if Tommy Robinson ends up completely slandered and libeled by the deranged UK court system itself, considering the amount of one-sided distortion surrounding his personality. What motivates the slander of men like Robinson? Governments are motivated to protect their stream of cheap immigrant labor.

Men like Robinson will rile the innocent population to revolt against the injustices perpetrated by criminal immigrants. That will scare new immigrants, and disrupt the cheap labor communities to which these weak governments are beholden for their democratic socialist Ponzi healthcare and retirement schemes. The answer for the government traitors is to silence dissent, tolerate a modicum of injustices perpetrated by immigrants, and destroy men like Robinson who have the courage to stand up to the injustice.

And the idiot journalists play along like good puppies. The Daily Mail reported bottle projectiles from the Tommy Robinson side of the conflict. After reviewing propaganda online from MDL-advocates, I counted three items – two cans and a bottle from Robinson’s side. That was a pittance compared to the dozens of volleys from the Islamists. Then again, the Islamists came masked and determined to do violence, so it’s not surprising that in the heat of being assaulted, Robinson’s supporters returned a negligible volley.

The Muslim Defense League deleted its own video off of Facebook. That is yet another indicator that the mob they instigated did not have the positive propagandistic impact for which they had hoped.

CNN, The Guardian, and the BBC reported the fictitious narrative in an equally ambiguous and deceptive manner. A person who saw the video would ask, “why are the cops only now pursuing arrests, when they had the Muslim suspects right in front of them, red-handed, throwing lethal objects?”

Perhaps the reason is because the courts are releasing convicted violent Islamists with no punishment, so arrests of violent Islamist activists are futile in the UK. The judge claimed that an old Muslim with the vibrant health to assault a police officer, does not have the health to be imprisoned, or even punished in any way at all.

Jihad Watch provided further perspective from the ground reports.

Pretty soon, we might be using “NewsGuard” and its elite “trusted” news media as an indicator of what is not true. They report it? We suspect the opposite. We’ve already been using movie critics as inverse indicators for years.