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Clinton and Trump: Shocking Income Inequality Facts Will Boil Your Blood

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump,

Like many Americans, I tend to stay away from political campaigning and personalities. We’re too busy turning the gears of American industry to spend time fawning over the elected officials that we hire to represent us. We are ready to hire one of you for the highest office in our nation, but it’s not looking good so far. Every time I catch a news story, it sounds more like tabloid hysteria than professional and respectful discourse about your candidacies. As an American who sacrificed my own personal health, savings, and security to publish game-changing economic research, I’m not amused by the opportunists who are swarming around you and poisoning your teams with agenda-driven misinformation. My discoveries have overturned their claims, and my greatest concern is that your speeches will reflect their falsehoods. From your speeches promises will emerge, and from your promises, policies will take hold.

There is a lot at stake for our families if you proceed with misconceptions about American economic inequality. You will slam the door shut on the American dream and leave our children in desperation. Your tax and spending policies that are based upon these falsehoods will cripple all Americans who struggle to earn a safety net for their families during the good years of their careers.

The upper-end of the statistically impoverished class will continue to languish in state dependency, and the truly destitute will be relegated to meagre subsistence. As those policies manipulate the price of labor and siphon tax redistribution, they will continue to explode the outrageous costs of essentials, including rent, real estate, healthcare, education, energy, and government services. Any pittance that yo