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Drag Queen Story Hour: Who, What, Why?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I read an article in Psychology Today about the Drag Queen Story Hour. It's a global LGBT movement, in which transgender men dressed in women’s clothes read stories to children in schools and public libraries. What struck me was that a “trustworthy” NewsGuard-favored site could publish an article which had no justification, no scholarship, and what amounted to nothing more than empty ideological rhetorical screed. Is Psychology Today in the business of biased sociopolitical activism, or stimulating scholars in their field?

After seeing many reports about this, my counterintelligence intuition fired red hot, and I suspected an influence operation. I was right. There is nothing organic or grassroots about the Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s well coordinated, well-funded, well-connected, and agenda-driven.

Who are the organizers? Who is paying for this? What is their agenda?

It seems that journalists have lost sight of this very basic investigation in the haze of emotive activism.

Drag Queen Story Hour Agenda

The agenda is not so hard to discern. A review of the content of the LGBT child stories, and statements by various organizers disclose the agenda:

  1. Dissuade children from homophobia (so they claim). This is despite the fact that there are very few people who fear LGBT. In truth, they aim to promote the default celebration of homosexuality and silence any rational inquiry and criticism.

  2. Dissuade children from racism and misogyny. They are content to ignore misandry (typical for the feminist movement).

  3. “Grooming the next generation.” That’s a direct quote.

  4. Indoctrinating children with an amorphous perception of gender

  5. There is “no such thing as boy and girl things” (previous link)

  6. Social ideology trumps biological reality (previous link)

  7. Increased gender dysphoria in the children is an acceptable risk for their social goals (higher rates of drug abuse, sexual abuse, risky sexual behavior – STDs, HIV, sterility, infertility, cancer risk from carcinogenic hormonal modification, and depression). There is a 1,000% rise in child visits to clinics with gender confusion because of this kind of LGBT activism.

  8. Sexualizing children. No, really. Children who respond enthusiastically to this indoctrination are dancing sexually in public, and performing in bars that wrap your cell phone in a magnetic pouch so they can perpetrate illicit activities without fear of people capturing evidence.

  9. Impact school favorability ratings

  10. They say it is a good thing to break social norms

  11. Promoting queer and transgender role models

  12. Dissuading hate crimes and discrimination against LGBT. On the contrary, there is a litany of incidents in which this kind of “pride” is leading to hostility, discrimination, and harassment of Christians and conservatives.

Prominent Organizers

Tom Canham, in the UK:

Michelle Tea in the USA (fiction writer, feminist, political activist/organizer, media studios contributor):


Drag Queen Story Hour lists two sponsors on their website: RADAR Productions, and the New York Public Library.

But who funds RADAR?

In summary:

  1. RADAR Productions

  2. New York taxpayers (New York Public Library)

  3. California taxpayers (California Arts Council, Grants for the Arts, San Fran Foundation, SFAC, San Fran Public Library)

  4. Horizons Foundation

  5. Walter & Elise Haas Fund

  6. Zellerbach Family Foundation

  7. Queer Cultural Center (Doris Duke, James Irvine, William & Flora Hewlett, Kenneth Rainin Foundations, National Endowment for the Arts)

  8. Poets & Writers

  9. Federal taxpayers (NEA)

That’s right, through RADAR, all taxpayers in the US are channeling money to the Drag Queen Story Hour. California and New York State taxpayers, get a double dose of coerced LGBT subsidy.

Zellerbach, Doris Duke, James Irvine, Kenneth Rainin, William & Flora Hewlett, and Walter & Elise Haas Foundations are legacy wealth, run by the privileged offspring of successful elders.

Walter & Elise Haas deserve special attention. One of their key leaders is the one who led the 30-year struggle for gay marriage, Ira Hirschfield. The German incarnation of his name, Hirschfeld, struck a chord in my memory in relation to the history of gay activism.

Magnus Hirschfeld is the man who founded the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Weimar Germany, prior to the rise of the Nazis, when Germany sank into a hellhole of vice, social dysfunction, and suffering. What bothers me is that I can’t find any information on Ira Hirschfield’s family history. Is it his real name? Are there any family relations to the original Magnus Hirschfeld? Did he rename himself in veneration to Magnus, as the global and formative leader in the advancement of gay activism? Or is his namesake just a coincidence?

Many American Jewish diaspora oppressed by the Nazis, and deeply committed to democratic socialism (German SPD), pornography, and sexology immigrated to the USA between 1890 and 1940. Jewish Quarterly chronicles the subculture’s foundation of the American pornographic industry.

Only 21-45% of American Jews believe in the biblical God, and while only 29% say that disbelief in God disqualifies Jewish status, 60% say that belief in Jesus disqualifies Jewish status.

This could explain why Jewish LGBT activism, founded by men like Magnus Hirschfeld, is hostile towards any invocation of the Torah or the Bible in asserting moral and historical standards. It is not likely that the Conservative or Orthodox sects of Judaism are favorable to the sexually permissive Jewish cliques that originated in Weimar Germany. Perhaps the split in Jewish opinion on LGBT activism is mainly along denominational lines.

The Walter & Elise Haas Fund speaks to interests and values that match the German Jewish democratic socialist diaspora who fled the Nazis. It would be a curious inquiry, to see if any of their associations go back to Weimar Germany, August Bebel and the SPD, or the patrons of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft.

I would conjecture that the escape from Nazi terror would be a good lesson to chronicle, unless these diaspora wish to bury their family associations to Weimar Germany. Or perhaps like many modern progressives, they threw tradition and family veneration to the winds in the 1960s, and the nuanced facts are lost from their family memory.

On to the next sponsors of Drag Queen Story Hour, Horizons has many sponsors you will recognize:

This network of LGBT activism is wealthy, powerful, connected, running on our tax dollars and empowered by appointed bureaucrats that the voters of New York and California sent to office.

Much could be said about Drag Queen Story Hour. What can’t be said is that it is some kind of organic grassroots activism, for under-privileged people. The amount of wealth, power, and influence that comprise their sponsorship network, including government sponsorship is the definition of privilege.

They entrusted Michelle Tea to promulgate and execute this influence operation. And based on how many chapters have risen in just two years, she has succeeded in advancing the agenda. I would imagine that if the reaction to the events is visceral and irrational, it will only help fuel the enigma and sympathy for the agenda. Agitprop artists rely upon such sensation – the grand trolls of the arts. And with national priorities like these, it’s a wonder we still haven’t cured cancer, isn’t it?

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