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Election 2019: How Political Assassins Took Virginia without Mandate (Part 4)

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This article is the fourth in our Election 2019 retrospective. It reviews:

  1. Subversive nonprofits & Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) manipulations (Points 30 – 33)

  2. The micro-donation illicit financing scam (Points 34 – 44)

To recap, the first part of this series presented the actual court documents for democrat gerrymandering, and some organizational and strategic failures of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). The second part focused upon the civil war within the RPV, and explored the 2019 election financing in depth.

The third article broke down the ex-felon vote, voter turnout and youth, minority, female, and new-resident demographic implications.

Subversive Nonprofits

30. Defining subversive activism:

An honest nonprofit will clearly present its agenda, with transparent declarations of its financiers, the dossiers and interests of the financiers, and all of their operations. They will not use propaganda techniques and mass psychology ploys to garner audience.

By those criteria, you might agree that honest nonprofits are rare.

Contrarily, subversive nonprofits put forth an agenda to appeal to our emotions. It usually feels like they are just fighting “to win,” against their opposition, like a Looney Tunes For Adults episode. They treat people like dumb animals, who react to colors, sounds, visuals, rhetoric, and emotive sequences rather than nuanced and deep information.

They offer shallow explanations. They refuse to fully justify their agenda with hard evidence and logic. They hurl endless axioms and mantras at people, and cannot withstand rigorous inquiry. They will not debate anyone honestly.

They will act like Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny whenever an opponent criticizes them. When an observer offers respectful criticism, they are ostracized, censored, silenced, and even ridiculed or intimidated.

Subversive nonprofits are collections of subversive activists. They can be foreign agents, they can be useful idiots of foreign influence operators, or they can be domestic subversives, driven by abnormal psychology, immorality, selfish power and financial interests, ideological fervor, or a combination of those.

It is possible for innocent and sincere activists to work for subversive nonprofits. When information asymmetry is present, even the most intelligent people can be duped by dint of deception and obfuscation. The people who finance and manage nonprofits may be subversive, while many of their employees and donors are not.

The previous Alvarism articles in this series have evoked a major curiosity within readers: who spent $84 million in one year on fighting for power over 8.5 million residents of Virginia? How did they spend it? Which nonprofits did the money flow through?

Some key nonprofits provide insight. They pervert civics and steal government from Americans with illicit tricks, hidden agendas, information asymmetry, and manipulations.

New Virginia Majority (NVM) & Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) Coerced Registrations

Isn’t it cute, how NVM used 20th century communist-style art for their website background? It looks like North Korean or Maoist Struggle Session wall art! What delightful aesthetics!

And great thanks to Trevor Loudon for his thorough exposé on this certainly subversive organization. They spent years propagandizing to “people of color,” and registered 300,000 Virginia residents to vote.

I suppose those people aren’t motivated or knowledgeable enough about our governance and constitution to register themselves! How very paternalistic of NVM. Nothing says electoral integrity, like removing the most basic deterrent for misinformed voters.

“I can’t register of my own accord” translates perfectly to, “I can understand basic facts about foreign relations, education finance, school choice, criminal justice, the labor market, taxation, and healthcare financing.”

Those are the kind of voters we really want to cancel our votes out! The ones who stand like brainwashed lemmings, repeating axiomatic mantras as though they attend a Church of Politics every morning when they turn on CNN. Just hold their hands through voter registration, and you could be the next democrat to shoehorn mobs of zombie votes into your quest for power! Feed them some empty promises of free stuff, and you’ve got your zombies.

Thirty years from now, they’ll be like my grandmother, living in a dystopian urban ghetto, destroyed by decades of democrat rule, still deluded into thinking “the Republicans never did anything for us.”

I’ll ask these tragically mind-washed democrat sycophants the same thing I asked my grandmother,

“After decades of Democrat rule, where is your white picket fence and jacuzzi, and why are gun-toting criminals ruling your streets, while innocent neighbors can’t even carry guns, yet you blame Republicans who never had power here? And after the democrats destroyed everything, at what tax rates do they rob your hard-working middle class children in the suburbs to keep their urban chaos under control?”

31. To wit, 2.2 million Virginians voted in 2019. If all of NVM’s registrations voted, it would account for 14% of the popular vote. That act in and of itself could have won the state for Democrats. And NVM was not the only democrat nonprofit exploiting vulnerable residents with mindless voter registration. All-told, coercive voter registration of vulnerable residents by democrats could account for 10-20% of the total popular vote in 2019.

If the numbers claimed by these organizations are unconvincing to you, then consider that nonprofits like Flippable have made manipulative voter registration a national strategy to “flip” Republican states to Democrat states, and they are claiming responsibility for victory with this strategy.

32. NVM claims to have knocked on 2.5 million doors. Who paid them to do that? There are only 8.5 million Virginians living in 3.5 million housing units. Are we to believe that NVM knocked on the doors of 2.5 out of 3.5 million houses in Virginia? Impossible. Say it ain’t so – communists aren’t that great at math and accounting? Is that why they’ve destroyed every economy they’ve taken over?

33. NVM has two satellite groups: LeftRoots and Virginia Student Power Network. Its main operators have communist associations: some are paid by the Chinese government. Some work as professors in China. Some were born to communist parents and raised in China. Some are using their data skills for electoral information superiority.

It is inconceivable that the Chinese government did not know about these actions of NVM and Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Liberation Road. With the media fervor about disproven Trump/Russia/Ukraine collusion, we would expect moral Americans to put the same investigative fury into easily provable Chinese collusion with democrats. Barack Obama still hasn’t faced justice for his collusion and quid-pro-quo with his Chinese super-bundler and foreign-sourced AVS-evasion micro-donation scam.

The NVM darlings associated with FRSO are the definition of subversive. They are involved in splinter groups precisely because the FBI had to raid FRSO; their previous subversion channels are exposed.

For more details about the people involved in NVM, read the full article by Trevor.


34. The micro-donations king, ActBlue, has funneled over $1.2 billion in the past few years to democrats. Although there are many subversive nonprofits like ActBlue, it is emblematic of one of the two great scams of political financing in 21st century USA: micro-donations (the other is dark money).

An uncritical thinker who reads mainstream journalism, believes that “small donations” to political campaigns are just impressive signs of democracy, where people of all classes have a chance to influence elections. How tragically naïve!

To appreciate the scope of this election finance fraud, the amount of money that a single, unaccountable company like ActBlue is channeling is enough to double McCain’s presidential campaign in just two years. I’ll remind you once more – they are not even the only company provisioning these donation services, so the scope of this scam is much larger than $1.2 billion every two years.

35. To understand this kind of white collar illicit activity, we have to think like white collar criminals. We identify the problem and the opportunity: after McCain-Feingold, combined with tighter Patriot Act banking restrictions limiting the utility of offshore accounts, the clandestine buyers of US political power needed new vehicles for anonymity and spending power. On the one side, they use dark money through front organizations. On the other, they use micro-donations.

Since the entire political industry feeds from the trough of money, there is a conflict of interests: neither Republican, nor Democrat, nor Green, nor Libertarian has an interest in fixing subversion of campaign finance. Even if their opponents benefit more than them, they’d not choose to cut their revenues in half to “level the playing field.”

36. Democrats have benefited significantly more from these schemes. A third of Obama’s cash came from micro-donations. Micro-donations can also channel foreign intelligence agency influence to elect public officials who will enact policies beneficial to foreign interests. Obama’s Chinese super-bundler is a key example.

37. Only one-in-ten Americans will donate to a political campaign in their lifetime. After McCain-Feingold, about a third of those are micro-donations – under $200 and bypassing the requirement to report the donor’s name, address, employer, and occupation.

On the other hand, donations over $200 with federal reporting requirements are given by only 1-in-200 Americans. Those donors finance 71% of all political campaigns.

38. The micro-donations loophole works like this:

A company like PayPal states that their features help campaigns comply with FEC regulations. Like Pontus Pilate, their hands are washed clean.

The campaign must use their “best efforts,” and the onus is on the campaign, not PayPal. Tell me, what exactly defines a “best effort?”

They allow you to optionally collect the donor data you need for “best efforts.” I repeat: this is optional, and the onus is on the political consultants running campaigns. There is no validation of the donor. Whatever they type as their name, address, occupation, and employer could be completely fabricated. This is how donations like “Donald Trump, occupation misogynist” end up in the FEC database – there is no integrity within the digital handshake between payment processor (PayPal) and campaign accounting (donation recipient):

PayPal is not the only payment processor used by campaigns, but the same principle applies to others. The payment processor puts the onus on the nonprofit, and the nonprofit claims they did their “best effort” to comply using completely unverifiable donor information. They do not receive the credit card. They do not receive verified PII from the donor. They could speculate that an email address or last-4-digits of a credit card combo is a unique individual.

But why would they? Multiple people use the same credit card and email addresses all the time. They have plausible deniability. The fictitious donor uses the same credit card, but lists a dozen different names and addresses as optional info for the political campaign.

This fraudulent use-case constitutes “best effort” by the campaign, and no responsibility from the payment processor. There is no audit, and the campaign is not even required by law to disclose $millions in under-$200 donations.

39. Now that we understand the loophole, if we were highly-paid technologists for George Soros, how could we automate this white collar crime?

We would establish thousands of credit card accounts across the nation with various personal or business credentials for various true financiers. We would program bots that use random names and addresses from contact databases or seed generators, and that bogus data is what we would feed the campaigns.

We would instruct the bots to stagger donations so as to not trigger fraud alerts on the payment processor side – $50 one day, $23 the next, $105 next week. We would blast hundreds of campaigns, PACs, and nonprofits with under-$200 sum payments, so no single recipient is wise to our exceeding donation limits. We would obfuscate our IP addresses.

When nonprofits like ActBlue are asked to recall transactions, they even operate upon the unverified name of the donor, and implicitly acknowledge that the uniquely keyed record is not based upon the real credit card holder, but rather, the potentially fictitious name supplied during the donation. In their own words, “the name of the person who made the contribution…maybe another member of your household?”

40. Like two criminals pointing their fingers at each other, and possessing all of the hard evidence of fraud in their own databases, this is how the micro-donations scam works.

When you wonder how it’s possible for so many “grassroots” donors to accumulate 29% of donations totaling millions, the answer is – it is not possible. This is sophisticated election fraud, with loopholes that ensure neither payment processor, nor nonprofit can be held responsible. Campaign contribution limits? Bypassed. Reporting requirements for transparency? Bypassed. Foreign collusion? Enabled.

A clever operation would disburse money through many vehicles to reduce suspicion. They would supply varied dark money conduits and diversified micro-donations.

41. The key to figuring out this scam is simple: disclosure and verified PII are two different things. When only “disclosure” is required, the PII is unverified, thus exploitable, and anonymity is possible.

42. In order to end this scam, payment processors should be forced to provide both the federal government and campaigns with the true identities and total political donations of all transactions with internal checks for limits and fraud. Address Verification would be required for all donations. Even better, social security numbers or EINs would be required to be associated to each donation.

43. There are dozens of other subversive nonprofits using legal, but illicit tactics. Ultimately, virtuous civics relies upon full transparency, and every citizen who votes should have a true understanding of the issues, without being compromised by propaganda, mass psychology, and information asymmetry. Every vote that is compromised by that subversion, and every dollar that is funneled through obfuscated channels acts to steal our government without mandate.

BlueConduit, Emily’s List, and others have been mentioned in this series. If you do your homework, and keep these principles in mind, you can decide for yourself whether a nonprofit is subversive.

44. I would challenge Republicans to name their nonprofits that are as effective, organized, voluminous, and well-financed as the Democrat nonprofits that inveigled themselves into the Virginian electoral process.

Conclusion in the Next Article…

Due to the complexity of explaining the micro-donations fraud and nonprofit subversion, we have reached our limit for this installment. The fifth and final article will cover tech superiority.

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