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Election 2019 Repubocalypse – Full Report Summary

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

In a coordinated onslaught of political, corporate, legal, and nonprofit subversion, the Democrats took total power over Virginia in 2019, for the first time since 1993. They now possess power without mandate. Only 1.2 million out of 8.5 million Virginians voted for them. That is only 18% of the adult population in Virginia.

Considering the details of Democrat subversion, including legal, voter registration, financial, redistricting, demographic, organizational, and tech manipulations, they do not hold justified power, and now form an illicit government.

Will there be a day when Democrats respect the sovereignty of citizens, their political willpower, and leave it unmolested by their mountains of dishonest manipulations? It is unlikely that the party will change without an awakening of voters to their corrupt tactics, holding them accountable at the polls.

And then there are the Virginia Republicans, who have failed at every juncture to rebuff and counter this arsenal of democrat chicanery. In five articles, Alvarism disclosed 85 points that reveal the subversion in full. When Virginians discover those details, they will ask themselves the question, “Why was I not made aware of these ongoing manipulations, from 2011 to 2019, by the Republicans to whom I gave my attention, donations, and support?”

This retrospective shows that the Republicans involved in the forfeit of Virginia are not skilled and knowledgeable enough to assume political leadership. New leadership must come forth.

Of the 85 points in the analysis, which factors mattered the most?

For the factors that can be approximated numerically:

  1. The legal contest for gerrymandering gave democrats 10 – 16 house seats (enough to take the house)

  2. The influx of blue-state new residents (140,000 from NY alone) contributed between 3-to-6% of the democrats votes. These new Virginians were not intercepted and courted by Republicans successfully. How much easier could it be to court new residents who obviously left blue states for pragmatic reasons?

  3. The democrat cash advantage and superior expenditure was massive. The Democrats took $13M from out-of-state meddlers. Without that money, the Republicans would have out-financed Democrats, $37M to $33M. With the out-of-state money, Democrats out-spent Republicans by $9M.

  4. Using a few professors who share my skills in data and software engineering, the democrats micro-targeted vulnerable residents for voter registration. These registrations accounted for an estimated 4-to-7% of the democrat vote.

  5. The democrats gave themselves an ex-felon vote advantage of 0.2%, via the governorship

Those factors alone account for 17-to-29% of the Democrat’s victory margin. In other words, without those factors, the Democrats would be losing Virginia by 12 – 23%. This should give you an indicator of how little justification the democrats have for their control of Virginia’s government in 2019.

Then there are the factors which cannot be well-quantified:

  1. Organizational inefficacy of Virginia Republicans, including the RPV operational choices, infighting, moles, identitarian pandering against scholarly research, and failure to confront tactical and strategic threats from the competition

  2. The ideological influence of subversive nonprofits (beyond their registration and financing actions)

  3. The micro-donation finance scamming

  4. Technological subversion with information retrieval manipulation (search results, search indexing, spellcheck, web input control spelling auto-correction)

  5. Social media subversion including censorship, shadow banning (push-throttling), demonetization, and notification cessation

  6. Electoral software superiority, including consumption of services from the 75%+ tech industry favoritism for democrats, and the failure of Republicans to empower and hire technologists who can compete with the Democrat darlings of Big Tech

The details and citations for all of these major factors are justified and cited in the five articles of the Election 2019 series:

  1. Gerrymandering & organizational weaknesses of the RPV (Points 1 – 7)

  2. Election financing and RPV infighting (Points 8 – 17)

  3. Demographics & ex-felon voting (Points 18 – 29)

  4. Subversive nonprofits & the micro-donation campaign finance loophole (Points 30 – 44)

  5. Tech domination, information superiority, and conclusion (Points 45 – 85)

When I spoke to a few dozen Virginia election officials and precinct captains on November 21st, 2019, very few of these specifics were available. To this day, other analysts have not assembled such a comprehensive and deep understanding of the 2019 Virginia Repubocalypse. I offered all attendees the opportunity to present their knowledge, however specific or general, for consideration.

Now I encourage everyone who cares about the government of Virginia to ponder these 85 points, dig deeper on them, understand them, add to them, challenge them, and then brainstorm solutions with me. All input is welcomed, positive and negative.

Republicans should mobilize immediately. If they fail to take this analysis seriously, Trump will get annihilated next year, in the 2020 election.

Please submit your opinions and ideas to alvarism on Twitter, our contact form, or on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe for access to our content.

When I receive enough thoughtful input I will assemble a conference and action group for electoral integrity. If I do not receive enough thoughtful input, I will direct my energies towards people who are serious about solving other significant problems.

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