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Mass Shooting Hysteria Pt 3: Red Flags, Psychologists, & Liberty Restrictions

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

In part one of this series, we reviewed the politicizing blame and psychological motivations for mass shooting. Part two disproved correlation between violence with gun proliferation. In this article, we will investigate the visceral reaction of the American Psychological Association to Trump’s red flag law proposal and implications of gun restrictions.

We already restrict rights

Are gun restrictions constitutional? The authority on that point – the Supreme Court – says “yes.” We should recall that the US government already has myriad restrictions on all rights. While we enjoy a level of civil liberty that dwarves most other nations, we have agreed to balance the welfare of bystanders against abuses of liberty. How do we reconcile the case where my freedom of speech infringes upon your freedom of association (libel, slander)? Restrictions balance conflicts of liberty.

Here are just some of those restrictions: