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New, Exclusive Facts About America Reveal Economic Blunders

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

On a Sailing Ship by Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840

Information about the American economy suffers from giant barriers, misleading people who sincerely care about prosperity and poverty.

  • News organizations and entertainers must cater to the bias of their audience and the interests of their owners and corporate advertisers.

  • Educators and professors must cater to the ideological trends of their peers, mentors, and school administrators.

  • Government officials must cater to the interests of their lobbyists, nonprofits, voters, and campaign donors.

  • Religious leaders feed from this tornado of misinformation and try to reconcile it with their congregations’ beliefs.

The facts revealed in the book Economic Sovereignty circumvented all of those influences by using only the charitable sacrifices of the author and concerned citizens. The true story of the American economy is captured within its pages.

Firstly, a prosperous economy puts more money into services than goods, because raw materials and products become much cheaper than people’s time and labor. High wag