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News Sources Page Published! A Great Resource for Readers!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Alvarism is pleased to present its compendium of news sources, that it loads into artificial intelligence to monitor events and news. Let’s remember that journalism’s ultimate goal is to give us knowledge about the world beyond our direct experience. Consequently, accuracy is the highest measure of journalistic quality.

Unfortunately, activists, nonprofits, think tanks, political candidates, and journalism outfits can be outright disgusting in their practices. Their greatest offenses include:

  1. Cronyism

  2. Nepotism

  3. Ideological fanaticism

  4. Refusing to cooperate with each other out of envy or fear of sharing donors and audiences

  5. Thinking of themselves as “gatekeepers” who decide what people should know instead of just reporting impactful stories and knowledge

  6. Refusing to report truthfully on topics verboten by their donors and biased agenda

  7. Selecting guests and contributors based on special interests instead of their ostensible mission and stated issues

  8. Following raw populism for the numbers (sales, status, celebrity, money, number of followers) rather than objective quality and value

Because of this corruption based on fear, envy, financials interests, and manipulative market protectionism, they often operate in isolated silos and they splinter civic unity. Major TV channels do this, YouTube channels do this, and so many myopic “gatekeepers” make their little fiefdoms of influence without any regard for higher virtues and enduring stratagems.

Alvarism will never engage in that common corruption. This is why we list and promote our sources and citations – whether we favor them or not. This is why we are willing to engage with any organization or personality we list here – whether we favor them or not.

A confident civic participant does not fear, does not calculate influence domination, does not see things in terms of power and money and “gatekeeping.” A confident and righteous civic participant, fearing nothing, stands on their own merit and virtue, willing to confront and collaborate openly, with minimized information asymmetry. Confident civic participants are also willing to concede errors.

We hope our news sources page brings you edifying information. Remember to aim higher than contradiction, even as you contemplate new information in your self-dialogue:

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