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Pro-Life Gala Buried by the Media; Conservative Awakening Remains Elusive

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I was graciously gifted an invitation to a conservative gala last night. It was beautiful. Ben Carson, Kevin Sorbo, Terry Beatley, Mike Lindell, and other renowned conservatives spoke. These are sincere Republicans.

Search Google for the “Hosea initiative gala.” Only Epoch Times, and CNS appear on the first page of results. Are you concerned that a genuine conservative event that consumed half-a-million dollars in one night was only reported by “alternative” journalists? Why don’t journalists and tech algorithms want you to know about Ben Carson and Kevin Sorbo? Why don’t they want you to know about the scholars who preserve the history of Dr. Bernard Nathanson?

Do you remember Fox News Channel, the channel that made Democrats scream “far right, fake news”, with apocalyptic volume during the Obama years? Well, the scary, “right wing,” Fox News Channel and Bret Baier were busy last night giving press to puppets and Obama-awardees at the Kennedy Center, which had its entire façade illuminated in the LGBT rainbow flag. They apparently were not interested in the conservative gala occurring only blocks away from the Kennedy Center on Constitution Avenue.

Just look at the difference between the search results for these two events. Hosea does not even have featured results. The Kennedy Center Honors has a tornado of reportage from USA Today, NPR, CBS, The Hill, Washingtonian, New York Times, Huffington Post, CNN, LA Times, Rolling Stone, and Fox News Channel.

How do these news controllers choose to promote one event and bury another, including “conservative” Fox News Channel? The Flying Nun is inferior to Hercules and Xena. The stories, visions, and values expressed by the rag puppets are inferior to ninja turtles, duck tales, Hercules and Xena, if you’re encouraging your kids to not end up manic, erratic, and immoral.

Linda Ronstadt, the 3-hit-wonder, made her career riding on the coattails of bands like The Doors. Is she more worthy of press than the founder of NARAL’s curators? Don’t democrats pretend as though abortion is a sacred right? Funny how their news bards care more about three measly songs long-forgotten from two generations ago than educating people on the history of abortion.

How much fanfare, scholarship, and money needs to be dropped to have any coverage at all from these dishonest news organizations “trusted” by the tech companies? Half-a-million dollars in one night is not enough? Kevin Sorbo and Ben Carson are not enough? A famous American entrepreneur is not enough? The archival trustee of the father of American abortion in NARAL, Dr. Bernard Nathanson via Terry Beatley, is not enough?

The full-spectrum domination and thought control of democrats and their financiers is absolute. The KGB and Cheka would be jealous. Why hold a gun to journalists’ heads when you ideologically and financially dominate them anyway? The rag puppets are not the only ones with controlling-hands up their rears.

Republican audiences built Fox News Channel from nothing to an enterprise. Now look at them. Can you see what is going on with national Republican and Conservative action? Is this microcosm of divided loyalties and ostracism painting a picture for you?

Before we get into the weeds of the final 2019 election article, let’s reflect with a series of “coming to Jesus” questions, related to how many losses Republicans have affected over the last century – in journalism, entertainment, academia, religion, and political office.

Compared to democrats:

How many hedge fund managers and billionaires across the globe finance Republican weltanschauung and candidates?

How many STEM donors contributed to Republican campaigns? Hillary Clinton got 75% of tech donors, for your reference.

How many PhDs and university administrators favor Conservatism?

How much conservatism and liberty do public school teachers, their unions, and contrived school boards promote?

In corporate governance, how many Directors of the Board include conservatism in their PR strategy, marketing, outreach, charity contribution, and social influence?

How many of your conservative influencers and elected officials do you think could withstand a public debate against people like Paul Krugman or Sam Harris?

How many do you think are just skilled at regurgitating prepared remarks?

Every weekend at the movie theaters, how many films reflect your values and visions of the world?

When you turn on the television, or tune into streaming services, do the music and television series reflect your values and visions?

On the first page of internet search results, how many conservative news venues appear at the top?

Religion. Look at the hordes of Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, theosophical, secular humanist, and atheist adherents tuning-in to their international influencers (i.e. Pope Francis, Joel Osteen, Paula White, bombastic Imams, social justice Reform Rabbis, Gandhi-inspired Hindus, Montessori and Dewey-inspired humanists).

Tell me how many popular religious sources advocate economic freedom and cultural self-determination? To the contrary, how many inspire redistribution, economic serfdom, central control, and conformity by dint of emotive tribalism rather than rational affirmation?

Get the picture?

Presuming you are a conservative? You are losing. You are not just losing public office. You are losing at every juncture of human interaction, culture, economy, technology, governance, religion, and life itself.

You are under siege, and have been. I’m sure it feels really good to attend a rally or gala, where your conservative leaders consume upwards of half-a-million dollars in one evening. You feel like you’re winning for a night. Meanwhile, the amount of money you consume in one night of fanfare, could finance a conservative tech startup company. Why are you not investing in companies like Alvarism with that money?

Having adopted a generational pattern of losing for nearly a century, with nary a resurgence to mention besides Reagan, Eisenhower, and Trump – why do you not accept the reality that:

  1. You are the real rebels; democrats have only used radicals to make the leftwing mainstream look like a rational compromise

  2. The left has been the establishment and dominating power. Rapid experimentation upon society, social engineering, neophilia, and central control has been the dominating power across the globe for a century, opposed to conservatism.

  3. If you do not employ the tactics and stratagems of rebels, you will continue to lose, one inch of ground at a time, for another century

Like Dirty Harry once instructed – “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”

This is true for many Republicans: you don’t know who you are, you don’t understand your position in this battle, you don’t understand the enemy, you don’t understand the battlefield, and consequently, you can’t even understand where to direct your energy, attention, resources, and talents.

These rallies and galas garner “good feelings” in a positivity-cult mindset, where reality is denied and happy delusions are inculcated. In exchange for quelling your anxiety with happy delusions, you reward them with donations, influence, attention, renown, and other benefices.

Will you continue to repeat the same losing tactics, with the same losing leaders, and the same unrealistic mindset for another century?

You look around and blame the left, then blame “negative” messengers who speak uncomfortable truth, and invent every scapegoat you can imagine, as if conservatives never stepped onto the field of competition. Imagine that – those who preach liberty, competition, responsibility, and self-reliance, are unwilling to take responsibility for losing the war for culture, media, tech, corporate governance, education, entertainment, governance, and religion through decades of attrition.

And still, they don’t see the need for a radical change in strategy and tactics. They want to do things the same way they have always done them, or else, capitulate to compromise with democrats and rename bipartisan forfeit, “winning,” rather than “surrendering.”

Much like the left, accuracy in language is disposable to many Republicans who were born to lose. Unfortunately for them, semantic deception only works to the advantage of a controller influencing external targets. It acts as mental poison within an organization deluding itself.

Alvarism's election 2019 retrospective is a clarion call for conservatives. Fail to learn from this series at your own peril. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

My gift to you is the conceptual, empirical, and historical synthesis you require as a roadmap. I will never offer you a blue pill. God knows, you can find blue pills every step you take along the way, along with their always-smiling charismatic positivity-pushers who can’t wait to turn you into plastic people like themselves.

They’ll all make great mannequins for some museum, when the last vestiges of true conservatism are stomped out two generations from now.

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