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Soldiers Are Well Compensated, Be Proud

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

American soldiers are very well compensated. Not only did I understand this in my line of duty to the US military as a contractor, but also I thoroughly analyzed the subject for Alvarism's next textbook. There is a chapter on national security, which includes martial science, statistics of war, and threat assessments.

I’ve served our military for six years of my career, which is a point of pride, because every man in my family since WW1 served with honor. And how lucky am I, to stand on the shoulders of those giant men of my family. I’ve had a chance to make more of a difference for the US military than they could, and I am grateful for that blessing.

One of my dozens of major tasks involved *surprise* cost benefit and budget analysis with computer programming. In the process I came across an unclassified report (not even FOUO, don’t worry). The goal of the report was to discern how DoD was compensating soldiers in an itemized manner. That was a while ago. Back then, there were deceptive memes like the one above. They read something like “soldiers risk their lives and are only paid $26,000 per year, how shameful.”

The problem is that it’s completely false. How shameful is it to spread falsehoods about the US military management structure. You could get by on $26,000 too, if your basic retirement (social security), bonus retirement (pension), healthcare, retirement healthcare, housing, food, duty-free cheap living items, moving expenses, college subsidy, and other fringe benefits were given to you.

They don’