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The Illuminating Charts of EconSov – Bombshell Facts about Race, Wealth, Poverty, Jobs

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

A reader last weekend was reviewing the print copy of EconSov. She was thoroughly impressed with the meticulous research, but presented a common question about the format. How can an interested party read the print copy charts in detail, when they are in black-and-white?

The answer is simple – Amazon offers a $2.99 deal on the Kindle copy if you buy a print copy. Also, for people who bought the book independently from Alvarism, Amazon can’t honor the $2.99 deal, but the Kindle copy is only $9.99.

It was impossible to print EconSov in color, because it would have made the book prohibitively expensive to all but professors and students compelled to use the book for a class. That was incredibly unnecessary in 2016, when the book was published. With Kindle, the charts are high-resolution, in color, and very easy to read – even the handful of charts that are complex and busy.

Of course, for print readers, a majority of the charts are also intelligible – perhaps only 3% of the data on the 100 charts are obscured by the cost-tradeoff format. I used geometric data markers for each line so that even shades of gray were enhanced for scrutiny.

The above chart shows American consumption in the rise of the service industry. Two charts make an accurate picture of a prosperous USA that can afford to pay people for their time while consuming even more durable and non-durable goods, two-to-three times more than during WW2!

Some other fascinating charts from EconSov, which depict the hard evidence for economic claims are presented below. The charts are removed to the appendices so the book itself does not read like a whitepaper, as the rest of this article does.

Figure 58 is just one of a series of indicators showing that the USA has been in a process of destructionism – perverting value with financial chicanery since the WW2 era, eroding capital and the real engine of economy. The prosperity of the USA is massive and positive to be sure, but the engines of real wealth and productivity have been eroding under the surface for years.

Figure 59 shows how the USA has inflated its physical currency (M0, M1) and stashed less of its short-term deposits (savings accounts, money market, etc. under $100k) in bank accounts, compared to the rest of the world.

Figure 93 shows the USA to have the third largest mass of land and water in the world.

Figure 94 is a very special figure. Since Arabs, Jews, and Hispanics are called “white” in the national statistics for things like violent crime and other demography, I found it duplicitous of politicians, journalists, professors, and educators who use this dual definition for their special interests when it is convenient for them.

When there are claims of anti-semitism, “Islamophobia,” and “racism” against Latinos, all of the sudden those demographics become magically “non-white.”

My chart takes their sociopolitical claims at face value, and classifies Jewish, Arab, and Latino as “other” race, rather than white. As. you can see, when adjusted in this way, the “white” people invoked by entertainers, professors, journalists, and politicians only comprise around 56% of America today – barely a majority.

What is the distinction between work and other activities? Readers of EconSov are assisted by the figure 95, as they learn about the disutility of labor theory.

Which entity is holding surplus and to what extent? Figure 27 compares private business to government and personal surplus:

Which industries compensate the workers more generously? Figure 21 answers that question, from the stock market crash of 1929 to present day.

How much of the fallacious “income inequality” mythologized by socialists and social justice class warriors arises simply from the fact that oil, internet and phone infrastructure, and construction machines are more valuable to our lives than reselling imported clothes? Industrial income inequality is depicted in Figure 22:

And finally, one of the greatest revelations of EconSov, the charts that prove “income inequality” is a gigantic myth made by failed professors and analysts, and perpetuated by socialists, big-government advocates, redistributionists, and social justice class warfare ideologues.

When income is corrected for cost of living index, all forms of redistribution including rent control, Medicaid, and housing subsidies ($1 trillion out of $6 trillion in state, local, and federal taxes), normalized for actual earners instead of deceptive “household” calculations, we discover that income inequality is exaggerated by 300% for an entire generation, and nothing much as changed except that all quintiles of earners have improved their income over the years.

And this does not even factor in an aging workforce, with experience-based income inequality. That important age-factor (people earning less at the beginning of their career than the end of it), is baked into the “inequality” depicted below. Also, the industrial income inequality mentioned above is included in the below “disparity.”

The class warfare activists are either not very meticulous in their analytical methods, misguided by economists like Thomas Piketty, or else pragmatic deception bypasses their consciences:

I hope that you enjoy the enlightenment from Alvarism’s incontrovertible research. Opponents are welcome to debate us at any time, so long as they are willing to remain evidence-based and logical!

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