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The Monumental Book, Economic Sovereignty, Is Now Published!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Dear Readers,

After years of research and exhaustive investigation, I have published my first book, revealing discoveries that cannot be found anywhere else. With your support, this great venture will make a difference for our communities in America. The discoveries in Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society, are normally sold to private corporate clients in the form of special reports and whitepapers, at the cost of over $500 each. Because I believe in empowering you, I instead chose to present the discoveries in an affordable book that is easy to read.

It comes just in time for the upcoming election of our new President, and no matter who you currently favor, this knowledge is critical to your informed consent when you cast your final vote. Taxation, wealth, poverty, jobs, economics, and inequality is grossly misrepresented by many of our leaders. When you discover the truth, you will be astounded.

It is up to us to require our leaders to pursue optimal policies on our behalf. I am greatly concerned that you might walk into the polls on election day fed with the misinformation spread through network TV broadcasts and misconceived political speeches. If you do, we will repeat recent history.

In 2008, thirty years of housing and banking interventions culminated in the most severe economic collapse in a generation. Even though Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz suggested that the banks should fail, and our greatest economists argued against the bailouts and stimulus debts, our leaders insulted our intelligence by preaching oversimplified falsehoods like “Wall Street greed.” Nary a public official gave honest explanations of the collapse that legendary economist Thomas Sowell presented in The Housing Boom and Bust. Our leaders kicked the can down the road back then, and the day of debt-reckoning approaches, in the coming decade.

But historic events of national proportion are not the only items of concern. On a daily basis we see economic erosion when college graduates live with their parents while trying to hang on to irregular jobs. We see the economic erosion when people cannot afford health insurance, new houses, college payments, or retirement savings. We see the economic erosion when the only way that low-income Americans can afford children is to game the welfare system by having kids out of wedlock. We see the economic erosion when our elderly cannot afford to leave their children anything of significant value when they pass on. As free people, we are responsible for understanding wealth and taxation in simple terms so that we can make the best decisions for our loved ones and family, during challenging times.

The Kindle version is $9.99. It features color charts and photos when viewed on color devices.

  1. The paperback version is $24.99. It features a carefully curated index and greyscale-optimized charts and photos.

  2. Amazon offers a discount on the Kindle version if you’d like to own both the paperback and the Kindle version – $24.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the MatchBook Kindle copy.

You can also support this great endeavor by subscribing to our website and following our Twitter, and YouTube pages. Updates are infrequent, but the few emails you receive will be meaningful.

With your support, these critical discoveries will succeed in making positive differences in our communities!

Yours Truly,

Thomas E. Kurek Alvarism Website: Twitter: YouTube:

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