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The Politics of Envy & Malice Pt 2: Schools & Educators

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Fairfax County Public School educators are falling behind the trends for “privilege” wokeism. They must not have been attending their churches of political charlatanry lately. They excluded “thin privilege” from their “Privilege Bingo” indoctrination game! Imagine! With such an omission, they must be total fat-phobic haters! In the last article, we juxtaposed “well-fed privilege” with “thin privilege,” and questioned the logic and morality of even presuming the “privileges” of strangers by stereotyping their demographic without knowing a single detail about their unique features and circumstances.

Let’s see how public-school “privilege” indoctrination is serving people in the real world, shall we? Take for example, Democrat-dominated Fairfax County Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC. Oakton High School made their students play “Privilege Bingo.”

Here is a screen capture of the playing board, which lists all of the things the teachers are preaching as “privilege” to the children:

Douglas A. Tyson, Oakton’s Assistant Superintendent, told unnerved parents that the screenshot came from “an approved FCPS English Curriculum lesson that is centered around students selecting a ‘choice’ test and examining in detail the author’s perspective on a wide-range [sic] of issues.”

He said the game was designed for students to decide whether authors have “privilege that may or may not be present in the work.” They were then to meditate upon their own biases based on their race, economic, and educational status. He called the exercise “an adept vehicle to push student thinking to challenge [an] author's thoughts/conclusions and to sharpen their ability to critically read selected texts." After backlash from parents, he said he would revise the game to address the notion that having military parents is a privilege.

Douglas A. Tyson, Assistant Superintendent for Oakton High School

We should learn a little bit about Mr. Tyson in order to understand how he could willfully feed this psychological abuse of children. He spent the first half of his career as a teacher, after enjoying the ”privilege” of attending the exorbitantly expensive Ivy League college of Dartmouth. Not bad for an “oppressed” black man in 1981, wouldn’t you say? Did you get to attend an Ivy League college? Heaven forbid! You are more “oppressed” than this “poor” black man!

But the American system of “white supremacy” was not yet done raining blows upon his imaginary racially-martyred head. After their one-two punch of giving him an Ivy League degree and access to the best opportunities for public school teachers, they landed an uppercut by promoting him to the administrative bureaucracy, with a $172,000+ salary and kingly fringe benefits.

So if we’re to understand how Mr. Tyson could spread this poison so confidently, we have only to look at his resume. He can presume the “privileges” of a military child, who often confronts the trials and tribulations of wounded warrior parents, frequent moving, reduced relocation freedom, absentee parenting, and rebuilding friendships frequently. But he’s so egotistical that while he stereotypes the “privileges” of others, he pretends as though his own Dartmouth darling status, affirmative action, minority-preferential advantages in his career advancement, and his overpaid public school salary are to be overlooked.

This is textbook psychological projection, foisted upon hapless children for their cognitive corruption. I think that Tyson is like many modern racial dividers: he is actually the privileged one, and he confronts his guilt for not truly meriting his status into psychological projection of the “privileges“ of strangers.

And to be sure, it is irrefutable that people who advocate Frankfurt School critical theory of any sort, do not merit their status. If they were intelligent and knowledgeable enough to merit their positions, they would have realized the bankruptcy of this ideology early in their careers.

So let’s offer a quick series of questions for him, shall we? Mr. Tyson, have you instructed the children to consider that paranoid insecurities, self-pitying entitlement from envy, feeling “underprivileged,” and collectivist identity of authors may bias their work even more heavily than their blessing-and-curse privileges? Have you thought about how a celebrity’s child who happens to be black never faced discrimination in their lives, received crony connections to star in movies or produce music in which they have zero talent, and received preferential treatment for admissions, scholarships, and jobs despite having wealthy parents and no disadvantages?

Does it bother you when a privileged homosexual, black, latino, female, transgender, foreign-born, or wealthy young adult usurps influence, wealth, and power owing to the advantages of their parents or large institutions that patronize them? And did it bother you to see those same advantaged “minorities,” promote a vision of fictitious self-martyrdom, which they express through modern propaganda like the new anti-white bigotry show, “Everything‘s Gonna Be All White?” There are few things more comical than watching people like yourself, Oprah, Don Lemon, Trevor Noah, Ryan Murphy, Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, and the Wachowskis dream up visions of other people’s “privileges.”

Mr. Tyson, have you considered that an ostensibly “underprivileged” child in one of America’s wealthiest communities often biases their own work with visions of entitlement, other peoples’ privileges, and imaginary victimhood? Do you like the imaginary enemies you are creating in their heads? Because those imaginary enemies are not just fantasy “white supremacist” strangers. In fact, that is the weakest character of your cast. The most powerful imaginary enemies you’re foisting into the brains of children are the green-eyed monsters of envy, the red-eyed fiends of malice, the golden-eyed creeps of entitlement, and the purple-eyed self-destructive specters of false victimhood and insecurity.

Pragmatically speaking, do you like it when a child fails or suffers for discernibly objective reasons, yet blames the problem on their identity? Do you like the delusional mentality that they experience when they start scapegoating their identity rather than the fact that they used their choices poorly? Do you like the fact that such people will go down a path where they can’t learn from their mistakes, by constantly deflecting blame onto their race, gender, sexuality, or any other “privilege” vision you put into their heads?

You say you want children to have opportunities? When you erode their confidence in self-agency and perseverance at a young age, would you feel guilty when they self-sabotage easy opportunities down the road? How many missed opportunities do you think that the throngs of BLM activists sustained, as they looted, killed, burned, and wasted all of their energy, money, and time obsessing over imaginary “white supremacist” enemies? How many beautiful and productive things did people like you rob from those millions by inspiring them to unjustified insurrection rather than jobs and knowledge?

Mr. Tyson, you are not conveying education and civility to your students. Your critical theory and “privilege” curriculum is conveying immorality, ignorance, prejudice, anti-social collectivism, and self-destructive ideation.

But to humor you, I’ll try out your exercise. Let’s start with socialist propagandist Upton Sinclair. In retrospect, his publications are provably erroneous, propagandistic, exaggerated, and destructive: encouraging democrats of the United States to pursue a Weimar SPD socialist system that yielded chaos, economic obliteration, civil war, and misery, while whitewashing the communist slaughter of dozens of millions of people in the 20th century. He even duped humanities-ignorant geniuses like Albert Einstein with his nonsense.

So let’s use your “Privilege Bingo” as a guide. Would you say that Upton Sinclair’s unmerited acclaim, biased, and destructive socialist influence was an artifact of his “white, male, physical-security-confident, heterosexual, single-bedroom, college-educated, cisgender, well-fed, media-represented, able-bodied, native-English, and employed“ privileges? Are these prejudicial “privileges” the things that biased him towards producing such historically debunked and shameful influence on behalf of American socialism? Or are you ready to consider the fact that Upton Sinclair was biased by educators like you, who filled his head with victim/oppressor narratives of class warfare, which not only blinded him to the muted and nuanced reality he observed, but encouraged him to amplify mundane misfortunes, distort them, and accept willful deception as a method to manufacture consent of the masses?

Are you ready to admit that the victim/oppressor visions that you inculcate with “privilege” ideology, have insidious side effects like giving men like Upton Sinclair a “white socialist savior” paternalistic complex? And do you realize that it was the “white socialist savior” paternalistic complex that created Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” and “War on Poverty,” which are responsible for destroying black urban families, institutionalizing black unemployment, and incentivizing self-destructive choices in urban communities? Have you considered that treating minorities with the same respect, dignity, expectations, and standards of everyone else is the humane, intelligent, moral, and rational path towards prosperity and peace?

I would wager the answer to all of these questions is ”no,” because if Mr. Tyson had this wisdom, he would be actively extirpating CRT and “privilege” ideology from Oakton’s curricula. Instead of teaching Thomas Sowell’s “Black Rednecks and White Liberals,” and “Intellectuals and Race,” he‘s teaching them all of the definitively repudiated ignorance that Sowell dispels in those two books. His “privilege” indoctrination is creating new Upton Sinclairs and erasing young Thomas Sowells at their inception. This is extraordinary Mis- Dis- Mal-information (MDM) from the public schools, with democrats like Douglas Tyson leading the charge.

Public school teachers in Mr. Tyson’s county get up to $120,000 annual salary, plus extraordinary benefits. We would think that such generously paid educators would be the best and brightest in education, but his reaction challenges the presumption of excellence in Fairfax County Public Schools. He treated the bad publicity from angry parents as a political problem, which he responded to by patronizing military families. He did not stop to think that perhaps the entire idea of “privilege” indoctrination is harmful.

I know for a fact that Oakton is not the only CRT and “privilege” indoctrination public school in the nation. I have seen dozens of reports with hard evidence like this, proving that the democrats lie through their teeth every time they claim “CRT is not happening in secondary schools, it’s a Republican conspiracy theory.” Perhaps that’s why the teachers unions had collective seizures when parents caught them teaching subversive subjects like this during COVID’s distance learning video classes.

Beware public school tyrants: parents and students are getting wise to your game. Your days are numbered. So you better start thinking more clearly about exactly what motivates you to get up in the morning. If you’re not opposing, exposing, resisting, and deposing your union bosses, board members, and administrators who insinuate Frankfurt School ideology into your curricula, you’re going to find yourself on the shameful side of the Republican fight to preserve the color-ambivalent, racially-, and ethnically-harmonious melting pot.

Next up…

If this feature on “privilege” ideology in schools opened your eyes, get ready for your eyes to look like pokemon cartoons after you read the next article in the series: why Davos, World Economic Forum, and large corporations promote the politics of envy and malice.

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