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The White Nationalism Diversion Pt 1: The Fiction Exposed

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The current fixation on white nationalism is a deluded product of political opportunists and journalists with civil rights movies playing on repeat in their heads.

The white nationalist diversion is easily exposed with a simple question: what’s the body count?

We don’t accept speculation about ideas in a brooding kid’s head, or even a kid who punches a target in the face. While such injuries and anger are useful to the criminologist, the body count indicates the real threat of terror groups, the measure of their lethality, and the item in which all doubt is removed as to their level of danger.

According to the official hate crime records, Terrorists motivated by white nationalism (or any white racist cause) have killed only 27 people in the USA since the Islamist terror attack of 9/11. I base this on the years 2001 through 2017, for which the available data is currently reliable. You must want to hide under your bed from the white nationalist terror threat, knowing that fact!

In the same duration, terrorists motivated by Islamic nationalism and anti-white causes have killed 134 people in the USA. Why do activists and journalists spread fear of wh