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Why I Wrote EconSov Part 4: Awakening the Heroes Who Will Confront Disorder

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Without economic sovereignty, we endure economic bondage and dependency through debt, redistribution, and patronage from institutions that usurp labor and resources. Some consider “economic sovereignty” to be the amount of control a nation has over its economy without foreign encumbrance.

It’s an bad definition, lacking full consideration, because a nation is its people, and if they are beholden to domestic overlords and surrogate decision makers, they are not a sovereign people just because they supplant foreign interference with native tyrants. And native tyrants in the “global economy” cannot act in isolation domestically. Thus the Davos Clique, G7 summit, Belt and Road Initiative, and other cooperative organizations flex their muscles.

Economic bondage and dependency is not mutually exclusive to totalitarian nations. No form of government is immune to economic tyranny. The perverse form of democracy (ochlocracy), characterized by demagoguery, emotive rhetoric, and shallow participation by collectivist cliques, is common across the globe. The loudest, most propagandistic, and worst abusers of mass psychology prevail in a race towards who can pretend to be Santa Claus better than the next candidate. They buy votes with promises to rob their neighbors via taxation, on the behalf of those who vote for them. Powerful institutions shut down debate, accuse opposition of hate speech, de-platform opponents, and brainwash the public by paying off or intimidating academia, journalists, politicians, and nonprofits.

The decline of Seattle is currently whitewashed with such methods:

Earlier this month, leaked documents revealed that a group of prominent nonprofits—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Campion Advocacy Fund, the Raikes Foundation, and the Ballmer Group—hired a PR firm, Pyramid Communications, to conduct polling, create messaging, and disseminate the resulting content through a network of silent partners in academia, the press, government, and the nonprofit sector. The campaign, #SeattleForAll, is a case study in what writer James Lindsay calls “idea laundering”—creating misinformation and legitimizing it as objective truth through repetition in sympathetic media.

The dishonor that such powerful and monied “social justice” champions exhibit is emblematic of the way economic tyranny is pummeled down the throats of citizens in “democracy.” The democratic browning machine gun is filled with .50 caliber mass psychology, mowing down the unarmed minds of hapless voters.

But the public will not tolerate such abuse indefinitely. Passive aggression is the first response. Workers, citizens, and businesses alike scam each other, exploit the rules, and feign compliance while delivering the bare minimum results to maintain the status quo. Stagnation in real terms is the result. Statistics are colored to claim growth and success, but closer inspection reveals decline, rot, and waste.

Active aggression ensues when the bread and circuses no longer placate the populace. Luckily for the economic tyrant, in modern democracies, bread and circuses are bountiful. With chemical lobotomies in the form of “happy pills,” television, trivial socializing (digitally and physically), video games, shallow leisure travel, and intoxication of all sorts, there are infinite methods of escapism, so that people can avoid honestly confronting their trapped reality.

On the bright side, with knowledge comes power, and power is the only way to uproot tyranny of any sort. Economic Sovereignty was written to provide that power to all who are committed to ending the tyranny. In part one, the Davos Clique was revealed as drivers of international affronts to economic sovereignty. In part two, the problem was further defined. In part three, the concepts of creation and the understandable tunnel-vision of specialists were elaborated. If the public had the knowledge of Economic Sovereignty, none of these problems would have ever emerged.

To be sure, modern citizens are economically illiterate – not because they are stupid, but because they have been pummeled by .50 caliber mass psychology in their schools, their news consumption, and civic communications (nonprofits and politicians).

It’s not that every single economist in the world is blatantly dishonest like Thomas Piketty, many Davos Clique members, the Belt and Road communist oligarchs, and those who sell their souls to controlling public opinion like the #SeattleForAll influence operation.

It’s that in the universities, there is an ideological bias that serves up career intimidation to those who even seek to disprove the dirigiste economic orthodoxy.

It’s that in the private sector, those who curate the true understanding of the economy gain competitive advantage in the markets. Why would they disclose the secrets of their trade that allow them to predict markets and beat their competition?

It’s that in the nonprofit and government sectors, entire departments and programs depend upon false visions of the economy to even maintain their mandate.

It’s that across the board, there is a segmentation of specialization that prevents integrative analysis conducted by a generalist such as myself.

While some conspirators like the Davos Clique and #SeattleForAll operate for their own self-interests – ideologically, politically, or financially – there is no proof of global conspiracy. As usual, great systemic failures of complex systems emerge from a confluence of bad actors. Each group of contributors act dysfunctionally for their own reasons. They accept long-term losses for short-term gains, even when they understand the danger of long-term liabilities.

When I was reading Thomas Sowell’s The Housing Boom and Bust, I realized that he was borrowing from the epidemiological method to conduct root cause analysis for the economic collapse. It was pure brilliance, although he doesn’t disclose that approach explicitly – you’d have to be familiar with that methodology to identify it in action.

I borrowed it for my own analysis of complex human systems of events and actions in economics and culture. Still, analytical failure is only the secondary issue. The economic illiteracy of the general public is a key issue.

How bad is economic illiteracy? Can you believe that more than 75% of college graduates can’t answer four simple economic questions that I’ve been able to answer since high school? We must also consider consumer debt, corporate debt, student debt, municipal bonds, government debt, and the housing collapse in which homeowners and voters played the definitive role.

Democracies across the globe continue to vote for politicians who promise to be Santa Claus without disclosing the serf colonies of elves required to make all the goodies for the prideful phony altruists. We have voted “yes” to municipal bonds so frequently that the total muni bond debt has gone from peanuts to four trillion dollars in less than three generations. How did we finance superior education in the 1950s, which was heavy on knowledge and light on social engineering?

In just one school district, public school educators have robbed taxpayers of $70 million to build a sports stadium for their students who can’t even recite Shakespeare, perform a concerto, or solve trigonometry problems. Parents let the government-run schools get away with this insanity – partly from moral squalor, and party from economic illiteracy.

The market for news also indicates economic illiteracy. Banks and advisors warn of impending recession as chronicled in a recent Alvarism article. Now, 2/3 of American Chief Financial Officers agree with that assessment. Why haven’t most news consumers heard this critical news?

Journalists are not selling this information to their viewers, because their viewers prefer Looney Tunes For Adults, where political animals verbally beat each other senseless in an endless circle of mindless rivalry. Viewers rewarded journalists with high ratings for the two-year Trump-Russia collusion hoax which obfuscated the much greater parent-issue of electoral integrity. That was a Looney Tunes For Adults episode that will go down in history as a classic. Bugs Bunny is jealous.

The idea that people are too stupid for economic sovereignty is absurd. I will admit that American intelligence has been dragged down by incentives for unintelligent people to produce tons of children, and disincentives for smart people to have children. I have a 99.997th percentile IQ, which is nearly double the national average.

And so what? A supermodel soon learns the liability of extreme beauty as people try to use her, and never try to see her inner value. A strongman soon learns the liability of his physical prowess, as people challenge him, or work him to the bone. Uncommon intelligence is easily exploited by others as well. And like a knife can be used for murder or surgery, intelligence on top of moral decay is a ferocious instrument.

You might note on the chart in the linked article that Germany and Japan lead the globe in IQ. How could they be the nations that ushered in National Socialism, nearly rending the world inside out? The pure evil of Unit 731 and The Holocaust will never be forgotten.

And where are German and Japanese innovations? They have copied American inventions for over a century. German and Japanese readers, please swallow your national pride for a moment – those are the facts and I have the intellectual property statistics to prove it. That said, I personally love many things about Japanese and German cultures.

While Economic Sovereignty is objectively written at the 13th grade level, it is within 80% of the public’s capacity to acquire the powerful knowledge. Even if some may struggle and require assistance with the concepts, the power is within their reach. A PhD biochemist once told me that he had a hard time with the book. But a classically educated woman with a bachelor’s degree in literature, and a young man with no college degree, absorbed the information without any challenge. The knowledge seems intimidating, but it is not, and nobody is a lesser person who requires special explanation on top of independent study.

Improving the human condition does not require that every man is a genius. I don’t even need most of my coworkers to match my intelligence. Improving the human condition requires that successful culture is held as the standard. Our educators, journalists, clergy, politicians, executives, and entertainers have not chosen to do that. Haplessly advancing social retrogression, they have degraded the culture of the masses, making them less able to stand on their own two feet.

Creation requires wisdom, virtue, and knowledge. A few people in that mix need high intelligence. As the Germans and Japanese demonstrated in the 20th century – intellect is not synonymous with prosperity and innovation. It can be grossly applied to horrific and foolish pursuits. As a Navy Captain once said to a bright engineer under my management: “you really are a smart dumbass.” Without high culture, and the seven virtues, an intelligent nation is a wasted nation at best, and an evil nation at worst.

If democracies across the globe think they are immune to economic tyranny, they need a serious reckoning. Their ochlocracies have developed the most sophisticated economic bondage in history using 21st century mass psychology. A populace empowered with the knowledge of Economic Sovereignty is the beginning of the recovery of our rights and dignity.

It’s hard not to be a menace to society, when half the population is happy on their knees. But with knowledge, we can gently lift our prostrated neighbors from their mindless genuflection to the false prophets of government power. The Santa Claus costumes will come off quickly when they finally see the serfdom of the elves.

I wrote the book because I believe in the capacity of most people to correct this miasma of corruption. Economic Sovereignty is just the first of four treasure troves of knowledge required to explode the .50 caliber mass psychology machine gun nests. The guilty parties hide from debating these concepts because they know that their antiquated bread and circuses are no match for the inferno of truth that we bring. And democracies across the globe have never needed purgation fire more than they do now.

A partner of Alvarism jokingly called me Vulcan, knowing all that I have done. But these fires and weapons need heroes to wield them. There are few greater joys than identifying new heroes, who are worthy of the munitions and arms of my forge. One of those greater joys is watching the heroes use the power to turn tyranny and chaos into peace, order, and prosperity.

Improving the human condition is not just about the struggle of creators and masterminds. The heart of the process resides in the chest of each hero, awakened by the light of truth, and ready to confront disorder en masse.

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