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World Population, Depopulation, Immigration, and the Cliffs of Saipan

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Last night I successfully derived the most accurate population estimate for practical use in analytics that exists today. It is incredibly alarming; this is one “hockey-stick” curve that is accurate, with dire consequences. The blue line shows global population, from 10,000 BC to 2014 AD. The orange line shows annual growth of human population for the same time range.

The Population Situation

The global population is sustainable for now; however, there are billions of lives that hang on invisible stuntmen wires, and the only thing that keeps them from plummeting to their deaths is a crew of devoted workers who they cannot see and do not appreciate. If one crew member gets sick, and takes a day off, the fanciful actor will fall, and his entire illusion will come crashing down with him – millions will die. To understand how fragile our global population is, we should look to the things that balanced it in the past.

Prior to the Age of Science & Materialism

There were only five population declines, caused by war, disease, and natural disaster, and they all occurred prior to the advent of Sir Francis Bacon’s Scientific Method. As with most things in nature, human population growth was cyclical and nearly flat. Culling the population from ancient to medieval times was done by accelerating the death rate. A few things contributed to that:

  • Famine

  • Maternal death

  • Serfdom

  • Slavery

  • Constant warfare

  • Disease

  • Cultural injustices posing as social justice

A disordered society could not maintain the balance needed to keep food production sufficient. As a consequence, social misfits were subjected to executions, torture, honor duels, human sacrifice, gladiatorial combat, and instant justice – no matter how misconstrued their offenses were.

Brutal Native American Indians like the Iroquois and Sandwich Islanders resorted to cannibalism, widespread infanticide, and torture of derelicts and enemies. The Incans, Mayans, and Aztecs of Latin America perpetrated human sacrifice and hellish forms of slavery that made the U.S. cotton fields feel like purgatory. Building ziggurats and breathing in pulverized limestone were not tasks that a free man would choose.

In Asia, China’s first emperor would also put his slaves to task on brutal construction jobs. In Africa, the Dahomey Kingdom, which supplied many African slaves to Asia, Europe, and the Americas, slaughtered the wives of the king when he died, along with thousands of prisoners. Dahomey soldiers had decapitation quotas when they went on raids. If they returned without enough grotesque skulls, their own head would be taken to make up the difference.

In Asia and Europe, centuries of brutality were colored by wars of religion, oppressive serfdom, and control of resources. European and Asian witch hunts, vendettas, and honor culture supplanted their old human sacrifice, gladiatorial combat, and barbarian carnage that is similar to recent African, Latin American, and Native American brutality.

Across the entire globe, there was always a reason to kill, and always a reason to put transgressors, opponents, and misfits in their place. When human beings are competing against hard limits for survival, culture develops systematic ways to rationalize adaptation – even when it involves slavery, killing, stealing and rationing resources.

Religion, government, and family tradition were the vehicles for these rationalizations, prior to the age of science.

The flat-line of human growth was held in check by nature, and brutal culture kept mankind in check as it competed at the limits of its own sustenance.

During the Scientific Revolution

The following chart shows a higher resolution sample of the last five-hundred years of population growth:

The natural and manmade limits that kept the human population under one billion for 11,800 years suddenly began to change with the advent of the scientific method. American and European discovery shifted the growth curve for the first time in millennia. Europe and America then spread these scientific discoveries by means of colonialism, trade, war, and agreements.

Since recorded history, technological and scientific discovery has been motivated by security, so military application is usually the first venture. In the civilian realm, the fruits of the scientific method were first applied for basic medical developments, food, and shelter production, which enabled families to support more children. We see the incremental growth on the orange line above, from the 17th century, through 1900 AD.

The most profound changes came in the 20th century, including motor oil, canneries, cars, railroads, mechanized agriculture, vaccines, antibiotics, and most importantly, the dramatic mitigation of infant mortality and maternal death. As it turns out, the men who solved these problems for the women and children they loved, would inadvertently put population growth onto an exponential trend. Not even the bloodbath of imperial and socialist war and democide of the 20th century could slow the victory of science over premature human death.

In short, science and engineering are responsible for this exponential population growth, and now our entire population is dependent upon the stability of energy, food, and trade, in order to stay alive. If we lost just 25% of the global population, supply chains would break down and a cascade of irreversible civilization collapse would begin.

And so, we are once again approaching limits that will contain the population, except a disruption in these times means death-in-the-millions, instead of death-in-the-thousands. Along with these new limits, we are facing cultural tricks and rationalizations; only this time, it is not religion and family tradition that is coercing compliance – it is secular humanism, materialism, journalism, government, education, and entertainment.

Banzai Cliff & Culturally Coerced Compliance

The 20th century showed us how culturally coerced compliance was transitioning from religion and family tradition to the other cultural industries. Hirohito, Japanese god-in-the-flesh, embodied this tipping point for religious faith. So we begin by thinking of this chart in terms of Banzai Cliff in Saipan, rather than a “hockey-stick.” The implications of the world population explosion are in fact national suicide – not a fun hockey game.

On July 1st, 1944, Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s suicide order reached his civilians of Saipan. He was worried that Japanese defection would demonstrate the civility of Americans, encourage more defection, reduce the will to fight, and thus decrease Japanese victory prospects. Hirohito promised civilians who committed suicide equal spiritual status in the afterlife to that of soldiers killed in combat. This was accompanied by disinformation about the American forces, claiming that they were redheaded, sadistic, hairy monsters who will rape, torture, and murder every man, woman, and child. Considering that the Japanese soldiers were doing that to Chinese and Indian victims, this quasi psychological projection must have been easy for the inhabitants of Saipan to believe.

The U.S. Marines used loudspeakers to tell Saipan’s civilians to come out, surrender, and that they would have safety, shelter, food, and water. Only some obeyed the U.S. Marines – most of them obeyed their Japanese government. Over 8,000 Japanese civilians committed mass suicide. Many jumped from two-hundred foot cliffs, plummeting to agonizing deaths on the jagged rock formations below. Determined fathers slit the throats of their children before tossing them off the cliffs in an Abrahamic rampage. Despairing and terrified mothers leapt from the cliffs with their babies in their arms. Others engaged in suicide ceremonies in which families clustered together and then pulled the pins of grenades that they held to their chests.

In modern terms, this single Japanese democide event, perpetrated with their own disinformation and intelligence operations, is close to three 9/11 terror attacks in its death toll. As I look at the world population cliff on my chart, and I think of the population dynamics I have observed in my study of history and modern cultural institutions, I see that the modern Hirohito is dispersed throughout mass media and social media rather than concentrated in one man. The modern Hirohito has thousands of voices, operating on TV, in schools, newsrooms, government offices, nonprofits, music, and movie studios. Modern covert influence (CI), groupthink, and propaganda is decentralized.

These modern Hirohito voices speak of:

  • Sustainability

  • Climate change

  • Immigration

  • Refugees

  • Family planning

  • Abortion

  • Depopulation

  • Economic redistribution

  • Social justice

  • Childfree living

  • Recreational sex over procreative sex

  • Equality, and

  • All things related to manipulating sex and population dynamics.

They use fear, ignorance, and the psychological drives (Fight, Flight, Feed, Fornicate) to coerce the sociological results that they desire. The army of voices does not even need to be cognizant of the total system of influence – there is no conspiracy required. They are useful fools (polezniye duraki) who operate on unjustified visions, propaganda, misinformation, or disinformation. They think they are heroes of humanity. Those who make the charts like I do, know better.

For those chart-makers, who feed the intelligentsia with half-truth straw men, their social and economic agenda will be affected with culturally coerced compliance. They are unlikely to debate people who will prove them wrong in a matter of moments. We have already seen the complete blackout of intelligent analysis of sustainability, family issues, population growth, depopulation, and immigration.

This article is another spark in the darkness, with information that has never been presented elsewhere. Even the unprecedented global population estimate that I produced with sophisticated Transact-SQL code, synthesizes the thirteen major estimates that exist today. I am now confident that all of my per-capita historical calculations are more accurate than any other researcher in the world.

The continuation of this research will explain how Japanese, Russians, Americans, Europeans, and Canadians have depopulated themselves. You will be astounded by the way that the numbers contradict the popular narrative.  They will be presented in the second book of the Alvarism series, perhaps in a few years.

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