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Corporate Tech Consultation

Elite engineering & software mastery for your business' challenges

  • 4 hours
  • Price Varies
  • Online, or on-site

Service Description

Does your technology department need serious evaluation and/or training in: * Software Engineering Management * Software Design and Architecture * Post-Graduate Software Development Skills * Engineering Methodology * Systems & Business Analysis * Software Estimation * Software Department Economic Analysis (time usage, P&L, cost structure, productivity)? Mr. Kurek can customize a plan of attack that will dramatically improve your company's technology enterprise. Thomas E. Kurek has an elite degree in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Biomechanics. His software engineering expertise was honed early with challenges such as fluid mechanics modeling within Virginia Tech's artificial heart, getting damaged helicopters back to base safely with materials defect analysis, determining bioprosthetic sample feasibility for intraoperative tissue testing, and orthopedic balance remediation with kinematic analysis of patient falls. His elite experience in the laboratory setting expanded to enterprise software design and development from 2003 to present, with multiple startup companies, including contributions to the Department of Defense (DoD USDP), and a Goldman Sachs success that now feeds Amazon's software. Thomas Kurek also has provided Chief Information Officer services to a JSOC & NRO contractor, and has numerous software inventions for his own companies. Initial appointment is a 4-hour evaluation, which includes 2 hours of meetings and 2 hours of independent evaluation of your organization's assets and problems. The plan can be customized to your organization's needs, including longer initial appointments for larger organizations.

Contact Details

Reston, VA

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